Interview: Dark Pond Creations

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Today we speak to one of the creators behind Dark Pond Creations, composed of Carlos Mareno and Patrick Scattergood.

If the Name sounds familiar then perhaps you read our reviews earlier this year of Pat’s comics Fleshtones or The Meek.

Such an unassuming and nice guy, Patrick once again proves that just because you write horror doesn’t mean you are a monster! Doing work for good causes, fathering like a boss and being an all around good guy, here is what he has to say about making indie comics!

Elmoos: So tell me, how did Dark Pond Creations come about?

Patrick: Well I was fresh off of a project that had fallen through and feeling sorry for myself and started looking at different art styles and artists and that’s when Carlos Moreno popped in to my life. He had a story idea but wanted me to take a run at writing what would become The Meek and he would be the main artist for it. From there on we decided that we would put all of our stuff out, both as a team and our solo stuff under one banner. That’s how Dark Pond Creations came about really. Not exactly rock and roll really.


Elmoos: What direction do you see yourselves taking the Label?

Patrick: West. Sorry couldn’t resist. Hopefully, we would love to be able to just be put out as many comics as we can for the people that like to read them really. Personally I would love to be able to do this more often than I can at the moment, due to having a day job but who wouldn’t want to write and draw comics all the time?

Elmoos: Haha, how do you Juggle the two?

Patrick: With great difficulty. While it’s true I have a son with very particular needs and issues, I tend to use my writing and my drawing as my way of relaxing. It also helps with my quite severe depression so when that hits as well, I tend to draw whatever pops in to my head. I suppose that’s why I write on so many projects at once. If my mind’s not depressed, it’s busy and loud so I tend to work on whatever my mindset tells me to work on. I’m a slave to my brain really. haha.

Elmoos: What projects do you have running just now?

Patrick: We’re working on The Meek, I’m in the process of sorting out the second issue of our anthology series Flesh Tones, we are also working with the horror actor Bill Oberst, Jr on a one shot story called Freak Show: The Ballad of Cassandra that shows the clash between the need for revenge and a person’s religion in the aftermath of a brutal murder and I’m also the process of starting up projects with an author called Kelvin V.A. Allison as well as the actor/author Edward Spence. However one of the projects that I am involved with is for an anthology called Memorial that features so many different styles and talented people that I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I have written two stories for it as well as done some of the art for a story as well. Considering it is raising money for War Child, it’s for a very good cause.

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Elmoos: Wow, that is a full time job in itself right there!
Which of your published works so far are the ones you are most proud of?

Patrick: That’s quite a tough one actually. For purely style reasons I would have to go for the second issue of The Meek because it shows how far both Carlos and myself have come with our work but also The Ballad of Cassandra because I wanted to show that I’m not just a horror story writer. Although, I’m very proud of the art that I have done for Memorial but I don’t want to give too much away there. Let’s just say with the amount of people involved in that one, it’s going to surprise a lot of people.

Elmoos: How much of your work do you get to share with your little boy?

Patrick: Obviously some of my stuff is too old for him as he’s only six but I tend to leave certain pages that are ok for him to see to letter while he’s around as he is so interested. He’s even done a story of his own that will be making an appearance soon too. He also tends to be my table buddy at a lot of conventions too, he loves it. Plus he’s a born salesman. How can you say no to a cute little boy who loves comic books?

Elmoos: A tip for comic creators for making more sales? Ha Ha!
Are you and Carlos personally acquainted or did you meet online?

Patrick: Oh definitely a tip, get a cute kid and the sales will follow.
We met online but we’ve both become very good friends, especially when we have our diva moments, ha ha.

Elmoos: Diva moments? Any humorous anecdotes?

Patrick: As an artist yourself, we have all have those “omg I suck, I’m rubbish at this” type moments, I massively have them and Carlos tends to be able to not only talk me from the ledge so to speak but to also make me think that I’m a lot better than I think. Hopefully that goes both ways. We work so well together because we manage to both be very similar yet also be very different at the same time.

Elmoos: Other than Diva strops, have you found anything particularly challenging in making comics?

Patrick: Mainly finding the time to get everything done. The writing, the art, the promotion. Everything takes time and there is never enough time in the day to do it all.

Elmoos: Was it difficult to find funding for your projects?

Patrick: For the first issue it was. I ended up, because I was so sure that we could make this a success, selling some of my collectibles in order to fund the first print run. Now with each comic that sells, the money goes back in to printing more.

Elmoos: Any Regrets?

Patrick: Not having had the confidence to have gotten in to this world sooner. I’ve wanted to do it for years but just never had the confidence. Then I met Victor Wright from Geeky Kid Comics and he started to spark my creative juices but with the mass of support from my son and my beautiful wife as well as my amazing friends and fellow creators like Carlos and Rachael Smith, I finally went through with it and haven’t looked back.

Elmoos: Finally, is there anything you would like to add or share with our readers?

Patrick: Oh definitely. Don’t stop yourself from following your dream. Doesn’t matter whether it’s being a writer, an artist or hell, even an astronaught, go for it. Work hard, don’t be afraid to ask questions and most importantly, don’t be afraid to screw up.
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