BGCP Interviews: Kitsune Windsor


Kitsune Windsor is a Manga writer from California and despite being relatively new to comic creation the quality and level of passion in his work has gotten him some acclaim.

Foxy and Wolfy follows two girls investigating the murder of their friend. Misaki and Amaya soon discover demonic activity on the increase in our world, and they begin a journey between worlds trying to purify corrupted souls. Will they succeed? Foxy and Wolfy is beautifully drawn and Manga of a high quality. His characters may seem like your typical lolita cuties at first glance, but read on and learn why this writer is inspiring people!
(You can read these online where this started as a web comic)

Book 1 is available in English, French and Japanese and Kitsune is now kickstartering his second volume!

With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) causing limitations to his movement, progress is laborious and time consuming and yet his resulting stories are uplifting and empowering. Kitsune is an advocate for equality and fair treatment.

Elmoos – So what first interested you about manga?

Kitsune – When I was a kid, I already had developed a huge Japanese fixation. The games, anime and manga helped me to deal with my disability. I saw some interesting disabled characters, but it was rare. Manga tells great stories.

E – Can you remember the first character that you identified with?

K – I’d say Vash the stampede who is missing one arm, he deals with a bad past. Tries to do good, but doesn’t always work out.
Also ki/Nunnally vi Britannia becbecause she’s extremely weak and strong simultaneously. She has many strengths and weaknesses.



E – What made you write your first manga story?

K – Until my Grandmother and good friends died, I only read manga and never thought about making them. After my Grandma died, I decided I should finally bring my original character Misaki to life. I had imagined her as a kid as what I would ideally be. As I created my comic, many disabled people told how wonderful they thought Misaki was and how it inspired them to be happier.
I want to entertain and inspire others with manga.

E – How long have you been writing manga for now?

K – About two years, three including character conceptualization.

E – And how did you find artists?

K – My first artist was from deviantart and I simply asked her and she said yes. Due to stress, she had to quit. So I placed an ad. I met Ana Kris and now the art is absolutely perfect! I guess things worked out? Deviantart is helpful.

E –  How did you go from web comic to printed?

K – It was a reward for kickstarter and I sold the extras, very boring answer, ha ha.
I wish I had a more interesting answer.

E – How has the comic changed your life?

K – It’s made me become more social and feel like a contributing member of society. I’ve actually helped people with my stories. A kind lady with MD was telling me how much F/W made her feel happy.
I’ve felt happier and stronger.

E – What challenges do you face as a writer with MD?

K – Most with MD don’t live past their teens and twenties, it’s different for everyone . I lost my ability to write with my hands and can’t talk very well… I type by clicking every letter.
I get exhausted easily and take rests often.

E – What do you find most exciting about producing comics?

K – Telling an entertaining tale and making people smile. Making comics is a labor of love, all profits go in to improving my stories. I don’t make much. 🙂

E – Is there any valuable lessons you have learned in this journey?

K – Well, don’t change your vision for anybody, but do take constructive criticism as helpful. Be a good person and promote yourself daily.

E – Your comic follows mainly female characters?

K – Yes, but many guys are in it and coming soon. Including a couple gay and straight guys.

E – Are gender roles and equality in comics important to you?

K – Yes! I’m Bi and don’t follow a specific gender binary. My comic has gay, straight and bi characters in it. But doesn’t define them.

E – Where do you hope to take your writing/stories?

K – Many don’t see disabled as normal people, I hope to improve the view of people with disabilities, especially in Japan and the world. I wrote this to become an anime one day!

E – What are your current anime inspirations?

K – Sailor moon, Fairy tail, Soul eater, Shinsekai yori and Gangsta. Also rokka no yuusha.

E – Have you ever been to Japan?

K – No, but I’d give anything to visit Itsukushima, it’s my biggest dream. I get super happy seeing Itsukushima!

E – Any advice for people wanting to make their own manga?

K – Develop your story first, then flesh out your characters and finally just do it… start producing pages!

E – Anything you would like to add?

K – Put your heart in to everything you do.


Artist Miyuberry


Rose by kitsuneonwheelz

Artist Jirakun

Elmoos – Oh a last question, have you had any crazy fan reactions?

Kitsune – Crazy good? Mostly how awesome everyone says it looks and people with disabilities loving Misaki. A disabled lady who suffered abuse told me how cool the comic was and that it made her feel very happy. She really adores FW.
Crazy bad.. hmm. Just someone who hated the idea of disabled characters.

Check out if you want to see more of his work and read through his web comics!!

The Kickstarter is LIVE now, please do check it out if you fancy being a backer!

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