Iron Fist actor confirmed for Marvel’s latest Netflix series!

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So it looks as though the casting rumours were true!

What seems to be one of Marvel’s best kept secrets of late, the actor who will be portraying the last Defender: Iron Fist, looks to finally be out of the bag.

Ever since Luke Cage actor, Mike Colter stated a few months back that Marvel had in fact already cast the second half of the heroes for hire duo, several names have been circulating which have been allegedly attached to the latest Marvel/Netflix collaboration.

With recent speculation that ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Finn Jones will be playing Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist flying around the Internet earlier this evening, EW confirmed that these rumours were in fact accurate.

While nothing has officially been announced by either Marvel or Netflix quite yet. EW is a rather credible source and it looks like they’ve let slip this info prematurely.
However stay tuned true believers and we’ll have more details as they drop!

Finn Jones will join the rest of Marvel’s Defenders as Iron Fist after his own solo series debut.
Look out for Daredevil season two this March 18th and check out Jessica Jones and Daredevil season one, both already on Netflix!