Jason Momoa Confirmed as Aquaman

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SvsB-7-Todd-Lasance-aquamanJason Momoa has been rumoured to be taking on the much ridiculed role of Aquaman for a while now but Variety are now reporting that he has officially signed on to play the role in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and will most likely be involved in the Justice League movie that follows.

Most people will recognise Momoa from his time as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, but true geeks will have been familiar with him long before that thanks to his time as the broody but kind hearted, almost Chewbacca like muscle for the main team over on Stargate Atlantis and we know the man is comfortable in water from his time on Baywatch Hawaii… yup… there’s a blast from the past for you.

From Native Hawaiian heritage on his father’s side Momoa has shown a lot of pride for his heritage with various traditional tattoos and if the film was going to take the character in a more realistic direction, as seems to be the case for many other characters, going in a pacific island culture direction certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea design wise. Coincidentally Momoa also formerly studied Marine Biology -so it certainly seems like the role could be ideal for him in more ways than one.

Can Momoa finally bring some respectability to the character that is the butt of almost every DC universe joke, or will a cameo appearance in an already pretty crowded Dawn of Justice be yet another joke? Only time will tell.

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