Is John Diggle going to become a Green Lantern?

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John Diggle, could he be John Stewart?

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With the Arrowverse expanding rapidly, moving from a show deeply based in reality and isolated around just one vigilante, to a show set in a world where superpowers are very real and our vigilante now has a team of people around and has since become the cities’ hero, many fans are wondering where the show could possibly expand to next. Well actor David Ramsey who plays John Diggle on Arrow may have given us an idea where the show could be headed.

In a recent interview with David Ramsey revealed that he has been in talks with many of Arrow’s show runners about the possibility of him becoming the Green Lantern John Stewart.

John Diggle

There is no doubt that, knowingly or not, the writers of Arrow crafted John Diggle in the image of John Stewart. The 2 characters are both very calm and collected, very rarely angered and share many other personality traits. Both also are physically strong, fit men who share a similar background.


They even have the same facial expressions

Despite the massive similarities between the 2, including a very similar military backgrounds we have to also note the problems of them being the same character. Firstly there’s the fact of the difference in last names, which is very easily fixed however, off the top of my head for example, it could be he did not know his father so just had his mothers name. Second DC comics just recently included John Diggle into the actual Green Arrow mythos, so as far as the comics are concerned they are 2 separate characters but again this is a minor speed bump as it is easily changed as comics can have different universes where different things happen and since a John Stewart doesn’t appear to exist in the Arrowverse(at least we haven’t seen him) there is no reason it could not be John Diggle(Stewart). Lastly even though we know very little about John Diggle’s past, besides the military, but given that John Stewart is an architect so Diggle would have at least have had to study it, it would seem unlikely that his knowledge would not have been useful to the Arrow team at some point and would have came up. Once again however this can be altered by , for example, Diggle studied Architecture at college but perhaps failed his final exams which totally destroyed his confidence in his knowledge and as such he never brings it up. (however the most likely explanation for this is the writers at the start probably never dreamed they would get to even consider a Green Lantern so just very loosely based John Diggle off an already strong character.)

Now with all the many similarities/easy ways to make John Diggle into John Stewart you have to concede that it is in fact not a bad idea, it is a good one, but the first question that you have to ask then is: Can Green Lantern possibly work in the context of the Arrowverse?

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If you had approached the idea of having the Green Lantern Core, and therefore aliens, existing in the Arrowverse even half way through series 2 then you would have laughed at the idea, thanks to season 3 and The Flash however the idea no longer seems so far fetched. The Flash introduced super powers into the Arrow world and extended it to beyond the completely grounded, realistic tone of the first 2 seasons. (though even season 2 started by introducing enhanced durability and super strength with Mirkuru.) The way The flash is currently developing it also look set to introduce time travel, which would open it(and therefore Arrow) to possibly seeing a future where aliens would mostly likely exist as in the comics future earth is generally made up of humans and aliens and if aliens exist then the Green Lantern Corps surely will too. Once of the other things that has actually cropped up a few times on the show, is the mention of Ferris Air, which comic book fans will know as the company that Hal Jordan, the first Green Lantern(of the corps versions from 1959-, technically Alan Scott was the first) is a test pilot for, so the writers have in a way been potentially setting it up for a while.

Now the other question we need to ask is could Green Lantern work on the CW? Well many would fairly question whether or not the CW would be up to the task of the CGI needs of the Green lantern, after all Green Lanterns create hard light constructs and can fly, both very big special effects. The Flash however has shown us that The CW are quite capable of doing some great special effects.

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While Green Lantern would be expected to fight on other worlds unless they fully commit to another series starring the Green Lanterns, doubtful at best, then there would be no need to show John Diggle(Stewart) except when he is on earth and helping out either Arrow or Flash. Now this would mean a cut down in appearances from John Diggle but is that really a bad thing? Most of the time on the show Diggle feels very wasted, he generally just stands around in the Arrow base or drives the van, even when they put him in action situations he just feels wasted. As much of a fan favourite that John Diggle is, if you removed him from the show realistically not a lot would change and this is such a waste. By giving Diggle the far bigger and much more powerful role of a Green Lantern not only could the writers create threats on a much bigger scale for both Flash and Arrow, while introducing Green Lantern villains but also could give David Ramsey a much more vital role in the show and overall universe. With talks going on it shouldn’t be long before we hear something definitive one way or another.

So what do you think, should The CW truly expand its range of both characters and stories by introducing us to alien intergalactic police forces? Is John Diggle a great candidate for being John Stewart and more importantly could it work? Would it be a great future addition to the show and universe or is it too much? Lets us know in the comments below or on Facebook/twitter

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