Review: Judge Dredd #2

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Writer- Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas

Artist- Dan Mcdaid

Colourist- Ryan Hill

Letters: Shawn Lee

Edits: Denton j. Tipton



I’m a long time Dredd fan and dip in and out of the various incarnations every now and again but I tend to revert to the 80s/90s era more than any just because I prefer the writers who were working on the series. In particular Alan Grant and John Wagner managed to nail the sarcasm and mockery of all politics which is understandable for Wagner as he created the character. It always interested me that such far left wing writers wrote a “hero” protagonist that was extremely right wing and totalitarian and make him somewhat likeable while hating everything their character stands for. Being of a similar political thought process to, particularly Alan Grant I always loved their stuff because they wouldn’t just mock right wing politics, they’d clearly have a go at certain aspects of their own beliefs. That is the sign of a writer with no ego.

So here we have new American writers taking on a character that is famous for being written by Brits and the Irish (others have contributed well but the comic is definitely more known for the British writers). He’s starting off strong with a story in which Dredd finds himself in his worst nightmare, Mega-City One seems to have been turned into Mega-City zero where anarchy rules and there are no laws. Dredd is desperate to find out what is happening but nobody seems to have any idea what he’s talking about. It’s up to Dredd and his new young wards to find out what happened.

This may not be a fault of the writers and maybe it’s me but it’s difficult to tell if the prominent social commentary is sarcasm here, it’s not as obvious and funny as it is with the likes of Alan Grant of Garth Ennis but that might become more clear with more issues. With that said I am enjoying the series so far in it’s early stages and I think the creative team could have a really good run and they’re in the right place for that as IDW seems to be very good at letting creative teams stay together and go on a run together. This is something that’s missing in the comic industry these days at times.

Dan Mcdaid is on art duties and he’s doing a wonderful job. What a great, unique style he has that is different to any style I’ve seen before in a Dredd comic but it fits in surprisingly well. That coupled with Ryan Hill’s excellent colouring make for a somewhat psychedelic, old school, grotty feel to it with graffiti and chaos everywhere, it really fits in well and compliments the writing well.

I’m interested to see where the story goes after this issue which is the biggest compliment I can give I guess, the creative team has me wanting more and that’s exactly their jobs so it’s a definite thumbs up for me. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve actually been excited about a new Dredd series, especially one that wasn’t published by 2000AD.