Kickstarter: Bust #2

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Kickstarter has quickly become a great way to fund indie comics.

It is no secret that it is hard work, and the key to a successful project is good PR and exposure (as well as having realistic goals and tasty rewards!). Getting the ballance right can be tricky, but this is something that Dave Cook and Chris O’Toole seem to have mastered with their comic Bust

A while back I reviewed Bust #1 which was funded by Kickstarter successfully despite it being Dave’s first venture into the land of comics creation with zero previous experience. It takes a lot of bravery to dive in like he did, put himself out there and make it happen, but we are glad he did! Bust has been met with praise, an instant hit at Glasgow ComicCon when it was released this year and has gathered a steadily growing fan-base. It is a good read.

From a Fan poll, Bust #2 has taken the Title Bust 2: Wasteland Ronin emulating the old samurai stories. This is a tale of post apocalyptic proportions with our protagonist wandering lost from place to place trying to put right the wrongs which he was the spark in igniting in the first issue. Revolution is never easy and this Ronin has no place to call home in this new world he helped create. I can’t wait to dive into my review copy (Review will be available here at BGCP soon) and I have heard good things about this follow up!

Now, with Bust #2 on the horizon, a second kickstarter has been launched.

With 33 days left to go, it has already toppled over £250 above it’s target of £1400 and into the rewards expansions!
That is a project that maxed out within it’s first 6 days of release and is showing no signs of slowing down. Backing this is a good call, even if it has already hit it’s limit!

Dave has made appearances at the Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair events since the release of Bust #1 and as a local comic creator shows a passion and drive that I estimate will take him far. Those of you that may have already met and chatted with him will likely agree he is a lovely bloke too!

You will find him Tabled beside the guys from Boat at the October 3rd BGCCF event in the Trades hall Glasgow!

Back the Kickstarter here: