Kickstarters: February 2016

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With so much Indie talent on the market, Kickstarter has been an invaluable tool in funding projects and getting them into print, whether you are a seasoned pro or a newcomer it can be a very successful way to find funds to make your creations a reality.

It is no easy sailing though with Kickstarter campaigners advising time and time again that it is a full time job promoting the campaign, and not all of them succeed!

However, the beauty of Kickstarter is that when you back a campaign, any money you put up will only be taken from you at the end of the campaign if it succeeds, meaning that usually you have a good chance of getting your rewards within a few months of completion (most campaigns will advise you of when to expect the project to be complete)

To help our local indie creators find their market, we are sharing all running campaigns on one post, including links and deadlines.

So if you want to support your local talent and independent comic creators, here are a few of the current Kickstarters running NOW in order of deadline due date.


Vessels #1 : Deadline February 28th 12:24 PM

Vessels 1 KS

Vessels #1 is the first in a new Dark Souls inspired series by Bust creator Dave Cook who lives in Edinburgh.

Twitter: @davescook


City of Lost Souls Volume 1 : Deadline March 1st MIDNIGHT

The first three issues of the City of Lost Souls comic series gathered together and edited into one volume. with enhanced artwork, lettering and grammar corrections.
Created by James McCulloch in Armadale and Illustrated by Janine van Moosel in Dundee.

Twitter: @grandmasterwook
Doc Dino #1 : Deadline March 1st 21:00 PM
Doc Dino #1 (of 2) is a 36 page full-colour comic about emotions, friendship, betrayal, lost love & courage. Rexley will make you laugh, make you cry, break your heart and then put it back together again making you a better person than you were before.
Created by Tom Ward creator of Merrick: The Elephant Man  and Chris Welsh creator of Wart both hailing from Liverpool
Twitter: @DocDino_Comic
Aberrant #1 : Deadline March 2nd
Abandoned by their creator a family of monsters fend for themselves in their steam punk home – Aberrant Zoo and Fair.
Aberrant #1 is brought to you by Victor Wright from Birmingham, creator of Light of Darkness, Esme and T.E.A.L.
Twitter: @geeky_comics
Spiral: A Crime Noire : Deadline FEBRUARY 24th, 21:00 PM
Outside, within and around the law, two families spiral out of control in this London crime noir saga (Part 1 of 4).
Spiral #1 is brought to you by Magnus Aspli of Trondheim, Norway. Don’t let the large numbers fool you, 150KR is only about £11, making the rewards on this tasty looking comic affordable, and it is in English!
Twitter: @MagnusAspli



If we missed yours this month, or you know friends with Kickstarters coming for March, contact