The Kingpin is coming on Netflix’s Daredevil

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Witness the rise of The Kingpin


Netflix have just released their new trailer for their upcoming Daredevil series which places a heavy focus on the Kingpin and his rise to power alongside Daredevil. Check it out below:

The Netflix Daredevil series is shaping up to be a great show, every time one of these trailers is released we get some new bits of information and in the case of this trailer it seems that the show will focus not only only Daredevil himself’s rise to Superhero status, and possible inclusion in the avengers in the future movies, but also on the rise of one of his biggest enemies: The Kingpin.

One thing we are still not sure of is the timeline of the Netflix series. Will the Daredevil series be set at the same time as the current MCU or possibly set slightly before it. From a writing perspective it would make sense to set the Daredevil series in the early-mid 2000’s to very early 2010’s, before the events of the Avengers, this would allow the writers the ability to create their own stories without having to worry too much about the larger MCU world. It also would make more sense as having every superhero have their origins at the same time just seems a bit ridiculous, in the real world the would all have appeared at different times.

Another question that the series raises is, given that the Kingpin is also a main adversary of Spider-man, will we be seeing the Daredevil Kingpin cross over into the solo Spidey outings that are planned for the future?


Given the rights sharing that Marvel & Sony worked out that make it possible it would make sense to cross them over and start to create a Universe that feels truly connected, as even though all Marvel properties are connected at the moment they do feel almost separate with TV and Movie Universes.

Answers to these questions and others will come as time goes on but right now with only a month to go until we get to see Daredevil, released on Netflix on April 11th, we can’t wait to see what it’s like and witness the rise of Daredevil and the Kingpin.

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