KINKER KORNER: Top 12 Pets In Comics

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I love animals….I mean I LOVE animals to the point of spending several nights crying at animal videos on Facebook. I grew up with dogs who I loved so much you could make movies and the most powerful of power ballads about my love for them. So when my wonderful better half asked me to do a Kinker Korner based on pets in comics I said….na mate…….na of course I said yes. It actually turned out to be trickier than I thought, there’s not a tremendous amount so I’ve done a shorter list than most. So for all the pets I’ve left out here…..I still love you.


12. Ms Lion: From-Spider-Man


Aunt May’s adorable little pup is actually a male……yea, bet you didn’t expect that did you? I mean why would you in all honesty it’s a ridiculous name. He’s also a founding member of the….sigh….Pet Avengers. All good fun for little Ms Lion.

1094347-mslion776 944606-mslion16


11. Lockjaw: From- Inhumans/Fantastic 4


Originally created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby during their classic Fantastic 4 run, Lockjaw later gained more prominence with the Inhumans where he acts as their teleporter. He is a giant bulldog who also has enhanced strength in his jaw and is an invaluable member of the team as he guides his team to Attilan which is their old home and where their royalty reside. Lockjaw also made it into the….sigh….Pet Avengers.

ms-marvel-8-1-lockjaw Blackagar_Boltagon_(Earth-616)_seeks_comfort_from_Lockjaw_from_Inhumans_Vol_2_8

10. Ace The Bathound/Titus: From-Batman

There have been a few versions of Ace due to DC loving to reboot their entire universe. The pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths was a German Shephard who assisted Batman and Robin during the 50s and 60s more commonly known as “the acid years” He was created by the great Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff. After the Crisis event when the DC world was reset we got a new version created by my boys Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle in the form of a puggle. Ace doesn’t go an any missions but he keeps Harold company in the batcave. The new 52 version of Ace is a Great Dane who Bruce Wayne bought for his son Damian, he is later named Titus.



9. 1.Bandit, 2.Tinker and 3.Pirate: From-WE3

WE3 was a mini series from the superstar Scottish team of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely and follows 3 pet animals (a kitty, a dog and a rabbit) that were kidnapped from a nearby city by the military. They planned on using new techniques to create super soldiers out of animals and give the pets robotic armour and and chip that gives them limited ability to speak through brainwaves. Our beloved and reluctant heroes escape their captivity and so begins an epic race to survival in an updated and crazy version of Watership Down.


8. Bubastis: From-Watchmen

Ah the mysterious pet of Adrian Veidt, a pet that is rather costly to feed apparently. A genetically engineered female Lynx, Bubastis was an experiment of Veidt’s and accompanied him in Karnac , his Antarctic mansion. There wasn’t much known about this graceful creature int he original story by Alan Moore but with the recent Before Watchmen series we get some more information on him.



7. Lockheed: From-X-Men


Kitty Pryde’s beloved alien dragon saved her from the brood and they have been best buddies ever since. Originally she tried to keep the presence of the diminutive fire breather hidden from the rest of the team for fear of them rejecting him but his presence was roundly accepted after he had saved Kitty’s life several times. He is part of a highly advanced and intelligent race so it’s a little odd calling him a pet but most people in the Marvel universe don’t know that so it counts. Plus he and Kitty are adorable together. Oh…this is the final entry who is also in the…..sigh….Pet Avengers. Disclaimer….the Pet Avengers is a really fun series so I’m just playing.



6. Lucky The Pizza Dog: From-Hawkeye

I’ve said before that Matt fraction’s writing frustrates me. I think he has great ideas but his take on well established characters just seems so off and it’s very hipster. So when he took on Hawkeye, a character I’ve never given two craps about I wanted to see how his writing translated when my bias wasn’t in the way. His Hawkeye series with genius artist David Aja is simply brilliant and hilarious. I’m sure I’ll talk more about that some day but this is about Pizza Dog, a random dog who had been beaten and thrown into traffic after saving Hawkeye, that he took to the vet in critical condition. The poor lad had no owner after originally belonging to the villain Ivan Banionis so Hawkeye took him in and guess what….he loves pizza.


5. Lying Cat: From-Saga

Lying Cat is part of an entire race of large Sphinx like felines that have the ability to detect a deliberate lie and will say “lying” accordingly. This cat is the sidekick of The Will and is usually quite docile but when called upon he can be ferocious and very handy in battle, often taking down enemies much larger than her. An incredibly cool concept for an incredibly good series.


4. Ampersand: From-Y The Last Man


When a virus wipes out nearly the entirety of the Male race there are only two left….Yorick, the last man on earth and Ampersand the last male monkey on earth. The two develop a close bond on their journey and with others that they meet. He was originally to be used as a helper monkey for people with disabilities so he’s intelligent and good with people. The series would not be the same without him as the two compliment each other so well.


3. Bat Cow: From-Batman


When Batman and Robin (Damian) raid Leviathan there is a battle in slaughterhouse where Robin feels an attachment to a cow awaiting his death. This was very out of character for the time as Damian was seen as cold and uncaring for anyone and a straight up killer for the League Of Assassins. So his love for Bat Cow was very amusing as was seeing this random cow who had no abilities, standing around in the batcave. When Damian died, Titus and BatCow were heartbroken and Alfred took care of him from then on.


2. Jeemy and Harry: From-Oor Wullie


You’re damn right Oor Wullie is in here and I care not a jot if it’s not cool. Oor Wullie was my life as a kid and it’s what got me obsessed with comics in the first place. I always loved it when Jeemy the mouse or Harry the dog were involved because it always cheered Wullie up after one of his get rich quick schemes had inevitably failed. Or maybe he’s just spending his time playing games with them which kept me just as entertained as when he was pissing off PC Murdoch or causing mischief with Wee Eck, Soapy Souttar and Fat Boab. Oh boy…..memories.

FRFRFR John-Patrick-Reynolds_Comic-Art_Oor-Wullie’s-pet-mouse-Jeemy-in-a-scarf1

1.Klunk: From-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


First seen in Michaelangelo micro series #1 Klunk was a stray cat who was taken in by the kind hearted Mikey. Klunk was rarely used as a plot point but I always loved his presence as it was a physical manifestation of Mikey’s heart. The Mirage series didn’t have Mikey as goofy and loveable as the more known series would suggest but he was still always the heart of the team. The story of Klunk’s death is up there with the saddest moments in comics……which leads me nicely onto my next list.


Another list bits the dust so thank you to my better half for the suggestion. Keep your suggestions coming though and if I can I’ll get round to it. As always let me know what would have gone onto your list of favourite pets and I’ll see you next time on Kinker Korner. @swing_kinker @BigGlasgowComic