Kinker Korner: Top 13 Harley Quinn Covers

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Well Kinkermaniacs here’s a bonus Kinker Korner since I love you so much. Courtesy of a request from my good bud Chris Lawrie this time I’m bringing you my favourite covers of the lovable rogue known as Harley Quinn. I’m not sure if Bruce Timm and Paul Dini realised they had a monster on their hands when they created Harley for the brilliant Batman animated series but she became ridiculously popular with the fans and cosplayers in particular. She also became a sex symbol to many and fan fiction became rife with sexualised content involving Batman and Quinn…’s not pretty don’t look it up. So Chris, this one’s for you  ye big deviant.

13. Suicide Squad v4 #15: Year-2013

Ken Lashley and Matt Yackey create a simple but well done shot of the crazy lovers while the playing cards cleverly feature the other members of the squad.

12. Gotham City Sirens #23: Year-2011


Guillem March is a cracking artist and shows perfectly the wicked influence the Joker has on mis Quinzel. She’ll do anything to save him and she’s clearly had a dose of the old Joker poison

11. Harley Quinn v1 #4: Year- 2001

A cute and amusing effort from husband and wife team Rachel and Terry Dodson along with Alex Sinclair. The different shapes and sizes squeezing into the slender Harley’s costume makes for a funny and not so threatening gang.

10. Harley And Ivy #3: Year- 2004

An adorable cover of what looks like a fun day out (for the girls anyway) from Harley’s co-creator Bruce Timm. Who cares that she’s a murderer with a cute wee face like that?

9. Gotham City Sirens #20: Year- 2011

Another cracker from Guillem March, again representing the control The Joker possesses over his young admirer.

8. Mad Love: Year-1994

The most critically acclaimed Harley Quinn story of all time also has a very nice cover. Bruce Timm channeled his inner noir side with this 40s style cover that looks like a movie poster.

7. batman adventures v2 #16: Year-2004

Kelsey Shannon delivers the greatest serial killer based wedding cake of all time. Harley holding the comedy bomb is a nice little detail. Fun stuff.

6. Harley Quinn v2 #15-2015

A colourful look into a colourful mind exploding with problems. This series really brought the teenage girl in Harley out which makes for a lot of fun. This cover from Paul Renaud exemplifies that mood perfectly.

5. Harley Quinn v2 #19: Year- 2015

This one isn’t even out yet, that’s how cool Kinker Korner is, so ahead of the game. ….so cool…I promise. Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts drew this awesome cover based on The Brady Bunch…..or Zzzap, being a Scottish site that’s probably a better reference. Where’s Cuthbert Liilly?

4. Batgirl #39: Year-2015

With a change in creative team earlier this year, Batgirl’s tone changed dramatically as DC started chasing the teen drama genre that is so popular just now. I for one didn’t appreciate this new direction as I loved the series up until the change. Nonetheless, this cover from Cliff Chiang is adorable and kind of difficult not to love.

3. Harley Quinn v2 #16: Year-2015

During March of this year DC made variant covers based on movie posters and as a fan of movie art I absolutely loved them. Dave Johnson gave us his brilliant take the movie……actually you tell me. First person to guess the movie correctly without looking it up gets……..a Kinker Korner Kuddle. Incredibly rare and saught after…..the kuddle I mean, not the comic.

2. Batman: Harley Quinn: Year- 1999

This was the first time that Harley was introduced to the reader in the proper DC universe and fittingly it was her co creator Paul Dini who took the reigns. Alex Ross painted the cover with his trademark, jaw dropping, photo-realistic style. The black background keeps the eyes focused on the main event, a sinister and terrifying Joker with a completely smitten Harley seductively dancing. The most recognisable shot of Harley ever.

1.Detective Comics #831: Year- 2007

I’d imagine you would have expected the Alex Ross entry to take the number one spot but there’s something about the shading and atmosphere that this cover creates. Simone Bianchi was drawing most of the Detective Comics around this time and they were pretty much all stunning. The simplicity, coupled with the characters both wearing awesome versions of their outfits. Harley’s playful but deadly attitude is on display here too. Even in black and white this cover stands out tall in a comic shop shelf.


Bonus round over, I hope you enjoyed it. What’s your favourite Harley Quinn cover? Any ideas for a future Kinker Korner? Let me know and I’ll get on it for you. Again thanks to Chris Lawrie for the suggestion and I’ll see you next time Kinkermaniacs.