KINKER KORNER: Top 20 Batman Covers:

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Just a quickie to tide you over while I work on my next list. The idea just came to me as I was appreciating some of my stash and I started thinking lists as usual. It’s like Hi Fidelity in my head at all times. Ok so let’s do this.

20: Batman #608

Nice work from Jim (there will be boobs) Lee …..part of the Hush storyline.

19: Batman/Scarface: A Psychodrama

Batman_Scarface_A_PsychodramaBill Sienkiewicz brought his distinctive and haunting style to the little wooden doll.

18: Legends Of The Dark Knight #50

Brian Bolland of “The Killing Joke” fame brings us a happy kitty…..who doesn’t love a happy kitty…..not at all sinister.

17: Batman #686

Alex Ross had a run of consecutive covers during the Grant Morrison era and as usual from him, they were all fantastic. This particular cover says so much with so little. A simple story told in one portrait. So melancholic

16: Batman #1

Batman gets his own series! Look at them, so happy and full of adventure. That will soon change fellas. Bob Kane brought us this cheery cover.

15: Batman: Birth Of The Demon

Norm Breyfogle deviates from his usual exaggerated, tongue in cheek style to bring this horror tinted vision of Ra’s Al Ghul rising from the lazarus pit as Batman lurks like an omnipotent force. Looks like an 80s vhs cover for a horror movie and I love it.

14: Batman #227 and Detective Comics 31

Speaking of horror….legendary artist Neal Adams captures a neat Hammer Horror style perfectly. It’s actually a tribute to this piece from Batman creator Bob Kane so they both take the spot.

13: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader TPB

Andy Kubert and Alex Sinclair perfectly conveyed what we were getting inside this comic which was Batman’s funeral. All the whacky members of his universe are queuing up to pay their respects as that omnipresent Bat lurks over them once again.. Brilliant, subversive piece

12: Detective Comics #198

Win Mortimer has Batman and Robin wearing kilts…..the end.

11: Detective Comics #566

This Dick Giordano piece always reminded me of Enter The Dragon. Awesome, trippy piece showcasing a gauntlet of villains.

10: A Death In The Family TPB

A man holds a dead child in his arms…..just a tragic picture of the horrors that await the reader. Jim Aparo was on art.

9: Batman And Robin #1

Brightly coloured and even a smirking Batman. Looks like a throwback but it actually represented the future as Dick Grayson (the original Robin) had taken over Batman duties after Bruce Wayne was presumed dead. Bruce’s son Damian gave us a very…..very different Robin. Scottish legend Frank Quitely drew this.

8:Detective Comics #871

Artist Jock presents a mysterious and gothic look at Batman (Dick Grayson version) with customary bats surrounding him. Very simple and great looking.

7: Batman #404

This is it….this is what made the Batman. The horrific death of Bruce Wayne’s parents is presented in heartbreaking fashion by Dave Mazzucchelli. The shadow of the bat looming over the event just adds spice to the already delicious….curry?….stew? It’s a right good cover basically.

6:Detective Comics #880

It’s Jock again with a horrendous, terrifying vision of the joker made from bats! He sure loves drawing bats doesn’t he. Wonderful, shocking stuff.

5: Detective Comics #590

If you have read my other lists you’ll know that Norm Breyfogle is a favourite  of mine. I loved the exaggeration he gave capes or anything that could blow in the wind. Batman has traveled to London and posed in one of the most metal ways possible. Could be a metal band’s album cover.

4: Detective Comics #457

Dick Giordana drew this and I think it is just amazing. So symbolic in the most obvious and forthright of ways. Similar to the Year One cover it shows what makes Bruce Batman. It shows that what happened will never leave his head, it’s what motivates him, it’s what crushes him.

3. The Killing Joke

This classic Brian Bolland masterpiece is a fan favourite with many fans having it tattooed on their bodies. It helps that inside is one of the most beloved Batman stories of all time, written by Alan Moore. Such a striking vision and a complete juxtaposition to the mood conveyed inside. A horrific, violent tale awaits the reader….but the Joker’s happy at least.

2: Detective Comics #587

I love this Norm Breyfogle piece so much. This is Batman summed up to me…..standing mysteriously in a dark, rain soaked alley . I like to think this is from the point of view of a criminal that’s about to get an arse kicking. This is one of the earlier memories I have of seeing Batman comics and it’s stuck with me.

1: Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth

Despite his refusal to draw Robin causing me to have issues with Dave Mckean (not really) I can’t deny his unusual and groundbreaking artistic skills. The cover for the 15 year anniversary edition of Arkham Asylum is utterly breathtaking. Watching a clouded and pitch black Batman opening the door to his worst nightmare with the symbolic and terrifying Joker representing his control is just amazing. I said earlier I was a huge fan of 80s style horror vhs covers and this could fit into that bracket nicely. Crazily expressive, symbolic and just stunning to look at. This is my number one.


There we go, just a fun little Kinker Korner to keep us going until I finish my Spider-Man top 20. Hope you enjoyed and as always if you want to leave a comment that’d be great or you can contact me @swing_kinker or the site at @BigGlagowComic