KINKER KORNER: Top 31 Spider-Man covers

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Well the top 25 Spider-Man stories is taking longer than expected (I’m taking this embarrassingly seriously) so after the feedback I got to the Batman covers list I’ve decided to do one for the webslinger too. Remember, this has nothing to do with how good or important the story itself is. It’s purely the cover, the story could be the worst ever created.  So without further adieu let’s get going.

31. Amazing Spider-Man #618

Marcos Martin delivers a suitably ominous depiction of Mysterio as seen through the eyes of the reader.

30. Amazing Spider-Man #261

A terrifyingly metal cover from Charles Vess that shows Spidey seemingly defeated by The Hobgoblin

29. Spider-Man: You’re Hired #11574023-asmyh_cov

There are many, many covers similar to this one and most of them are pretty good and I love the image of Spidey swinging towards the reader but Dale Keown’s lighting with the New York sunshine flashing across his face and the angles of the famous architecture of the city is stunning.

28. Amazing Spider-Man #515

How cute is this? Gary Frank and Richard Isanove draw the home life of Pete and Mary-Jane as Petey  leaves for work. Great stuff.

27. Amazing Spider-Man #252

A homage to Amazing Fantasy #15 where Spider-Man made his debut, only this time it’s the debut of the black suit back on Earth after the Secret Wars event. Ron Frenz and Klaus Janson were on artistic duty.

26. Amazing Spider-Man #129

The debut of The Punisher had an awesome cover showing exactly what his Modus operandi is and was drawn by the all star team of Gil Kane, John Romita sr and Gaspar Saladino

25.  Tangled Web #11

Darwyn Cooke brings his distinctive and loveable style to the anthology series and shows the whole cast of characters that cause problems for both of his identities.

24. Spider-Man: Blue TPB

The recognisable and extremely distinctive style of Time Sale shows a minimalist piece with a sketch of Gwen playing as a background for Spidey and when you know what the story itself is about it takes on new forms of symbolism.

23.  Ultimate Spider-Man #22

Mark Bagley created a terrifying new version of the Green Goblin and Spider-Man is caught in his sights.

22. Amazing Spider-Man #316

I’m one of the few who were never really a fan of superstar Todd (the kids love guns) Mcfarlane’s art but there is no denying this is a work of complete metal! Venom is just destroying Spidey and it really puts Venom over as a convincing threat.

21. Amazing Spider-Man #1.2

Alex Ross is known for his stunning, photo realistic comic book work and this piece from 2014 is no different. It even features a homage to Spidey’s old web wings. Great symbolism of what’s to come in the series.

20. Amazing Spider-Man #612

The beginning of The Gauntlet arc began with Electro as the villain and Marko Djurdjevic doesn’t half make him look menacing does he? Very Ominous and intimidating stuff.

19. Amazing Spider-Man #229

John Romita sr and Al Milgrom drew the cover to this classic story of Spider-Man having to take down the unstoppable Juggernaut Does a great job of conveying the danger, complete with spidey senses tingling.

18. Amazing Spider-Man #121

It’s John Romita sr again and this time he’s giving you an enticing look at a few of the candidates that might end up dead by the end of the issue…..spoiler, the story is called “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” so yea…….it was Aunt May……

17. Amazing Spider-Man #640

A really beautiful shot that manages to merge the pretty and the sombre together. Very difficult to convey emotion with a mask on but he manages. Great work from Paolo Rivera.

16. Amazing Spider-Man #592

A wonderful homage to “The Persistence Of Memory” by Salvador Dali. Another cracker drawn by Paolo Rivera

15. Amazing Spider-Man #75

The great John Romita sr is once again on the list with a great shot of a devastated Spider-Man.

14. Spider-Man/Daredevil: Unusual Suspects #2

Alex Ross presents a stomach churning look at how these two superheroes live their daily lives and shows the scope of their theatrics.

13. Amazing Spider-Man #196

Keith Pollard depicts a solemn Peter Parker as he stares despairingly at his Aunt May’s grave. A vision of Spider-Man perhaps symbolising how many have died since he took up the mantle. This issue would be discussed within the proceeding pages.

12. Amazing Spider-Man #700

Humberto Ramos celebrates the 700th issue with an insanely detailed cover of a spidey made of ickle spideys and supporting characters. Lovely stuff

11. Tangled Web #5 #6

I’m combining these two as they are from the same story and are equally awesome. A tribute to Flowers For Algernon with Rhino becoming a genius is wonderfully drawn by Duncan Fegredo.

10. Amazing Spider-Man #1

A beautiful variant cover from Marcos Martin with a dizzying view of New York as Spidey plummets towards the famous skyline.

9. Kraven’s Last Hunt TPB

Tell me you don’t want to know what’s going on here? No chance, what a great tease for a great story from Mike Zeck.

8. Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #109

Rich Buckler gives us a very cool and very unique charcoal like drawing of Spidey looking down and giving us a great perspective, looking up at him. It was a very dark time for Peter and this symbolises it perfectly.

7. Marvels #4

Again there are many covers that use this concept with the reflection on Spidey’s eyes but Alex Ross, as usual manages to one up them. Anyone who knows their comic history knows the significance of what Spidey is witnessing here and it adds pathos and atmosphere to an already great painting.

6. Amazing Spider-Man #612 (Variant)

This issue makes the list twice! A landmark or something no doubt. Paul Azaceta’s depiction of the upcoming gauntlet that Spidey is about to run is just perfect. Showing various symbols of villains and Pete himself lying in a wreck in Kraven’s grave. Wonderful.

5. Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

Terry and Rachel Dodson seem to have been  given the job of doing a Spider-Man cover and then gone….”Ok let’s throw everyone in there yaaaaaas!!!” Or something along those lines. This kind of thinking usually leads to disaster but I love this cover, another in my line of “This looks like a vhs cover” entries.

4. Amazing Spider-Man #677

Lee Bermejo is fast becoming a fan favourite within the comic book industry and it’s easy to see why with his gritty style and amazing use of light and shadow. My boy Daredevil is back for another guest visit and what a tag team these two make.

3. Amazing Spider-Man #700

This is just so beautiful and melancholic at the same time. It’s as if Marcos Martin has painted a picture of pure emotion where we can read Aunt May’s mind and the juxtaposition of the party atmosphere with Spidey battling The Goblin in the distance is a sombre reminder of the life he lives.

2. Amazing Spider-Man #50

I like to be different and deliver things a little off the beaten path compared to others, my brain just has an alternative vibe to it but in the case of this John Romita sr classic….it absolutely deserves to be this high. It sums up everything that the issue wants to tease and convey and in a time of no internet it would have been impossible to be a fan and not want to find out why Pete has given up.Just perfect artistic storytelling.

1. The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2


Once again it’s John Romita sr and it’s fitting that with his presence on this list, he takes the top spot. Spidey’s angles may be a little wonky but that doesn’t away from the sheer pastel coloured horror vibe this picture gives. I remember seeing this shot as a kid and being terrified of it but in a way that I needed to see more and I would lie in bed and wonder what was happening in this scene and I’d make up my own stories. If that isn’t the essence of what a comic book cover is then I don’t know what is.

There we go ladies and gentlemen, another Kinker Korner down and plenty more to come. I’ve been loving the feedback so keep it coming and as usual if you have any ideas just send them to me @swing_kinker or @BigGlasgowComic