KINKER KORNER: Top 45 Daredevil covers #25-1

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Back once again for the renegade master. Kinker Korner returns with a the finale of a list that has sat in limbo for far too long. I got a lot of feedback from the first part of the list, both argumentative and agreeable which is great as it was all kept civil and we got good conversation from it. More of that please, I love discussing these things, so without further ado let’s crack on with number 25!.


#25. Batman/Daredevil: King Of New York: Year-2000


Cmon….it’s two of the greatest characters of all time crossing the streams of DC and Marvel for a team up, what’s not to love?. This cover from Eduardo Barreto and Matt Hollingsworth may not be the most stunning cover ever on the face of it but any fan of the medium flicking through a rack of comics and coming across a cover of Batman crouching on a rooftop with Daredevil loud and proud by his side would instantly be stunned if they didn’t already know about it. Alan Grant on the cover helps too.

24. Daredevil v2 #41: Year-2003


Alex Maleev doing what he does best….and what he does best is draw things, very well. In this case he just so happens to have drawn DD with his billy club cable going mental and posing on top of a gargoyle in the rain. Bliss

23. Daredevil v2 #100: Year-2007


A stunning celebration of all things DD with a where’s Wally of characters like Bullseye, Power Man and Typhoid Mary from Marko Djurdjevic. Issue 100 brought variant covers to celebrate the milestone but this cracker was hands down the best.

22. Daredevil v2#509 Year-2010 and V1 #182: Year-1982


I adore covers that pay homage to those that came before them like this one which reverses the situation in which Elektra died in 1982 at the hands of Bullseye. Elektra clutches in emotional agony at the gravestone of her lover just like Matt did for her way back when. The original by the legendary Frank Miller is one of the most famous in DD history and is brilliantly subverted by Ken Niimura.


21. Daredevil Yellow #2: Year-2001


Tim Sale is a highly respected but divisive artist whose style is so unique with it’s jagged edges and wildly disproportionate facial expressions but I find it so expressive and interesting and I’m always intrigued whenever he’s doing comic book work. His work with writer Jeph Loeb covering several characters catapulted him to superstar status within the industry with stories like Batman The Long Halloween and this little gem recounting DD’s early days in the costume. This heartwarming cover shows the double life Matt leads between his costume and his lawyer practice with his best friend Foggy Nelson.

20. Daredevil V3 #31:Year-2013


This cover from Chris Samnee perfectly sums up Mark Waid’s recent run on the character as it looks so delightfully retro. after year of dark, brooding (and brilliant) noir stories Waid took us back to the silver age with wacky villains and more fun filled issues than we’d seen in years. It was a refreshing change of pace and gave us lovely and crazy covers like this.

19. Daredevil: End Of Days #3: Year-2012


Alex Maleev again doing the covers for the excellent “possible future” story about the last days of Daredevil. The covers show different characters being killed off and without showing the face here we know exactly who this is and what’s happened. Brutal and shocking for fans of the character.

18. Daredevil v2 #25: Year-2001


Lovely portrait from David Mack using his distinctive water colour style. I’ve always much preferred his covers to his interiors, they stand out so much and make you check out every part of the page.

17. Daredevil Noir #2: Year-2009



Part of a brilliant story from Marvel’s hit and miss series of noir tales starring their characters. Dennis Calero uses shadow brilliantly to show both sides of Matt Murdock.

16. Daredevil/Punisher: Marvel One Shot #1: Year-2002


I’m such a sucker for the painted look when it comes to comic book art. This Glen Fabry piece is corny as hell and looks like an 80s action flick vhs cover….if you’ve read past lists then you know that’s right up my street.

15. Daredevil 1 #16: Year-1966


The legendary John Romita Sr on top of his game with a guest appearance from Marvel heavy hitter Spidey to help what at the time was a struggling comic The superb New York skyline in the background just takes the cover to a new level

14.Daredevil v1 #69: Year-2005


Alex Maleev again with a retro crime caper looking cover with DD pulling the Superman shirt rip……or maybe he’s doing a Hulk Hogan, who knows?.

13. Daredevil v1 #51: Year-1969


Barry Windsor Smith, best known from the 70s Conan The Barbarian series has Matt wire walking over a busy street in a cover that looks way ahead of it’s time.

12. Daredevil v2 #116: Year-2009


Marko Djurdjevic presents a terrifyingly intimidating shot of The Kingpin in an arc that had him coming back to New York to reclaim the city as his to rule. The blood splatter rather bluntly suggests the manner in which he will be dealing with things.

11.Daredevil v2 #32: Year-2002


Ahh the Daily Globe, always pushing their agenda with reckless abandon, disregarding the truth or evidence…..sound like another “Daily” something? Actually to be fair they’re right about this they just don’t have the evidence yet ha. Alex Maleev showing his genius again during the ace story where Matt’s dual identity became public knowledge.

10. Daredevil v1 #214: Year-1985


David Mazzucchell, the artist from the seminal Batman Year One certainly knows how to do bleak with a sinister overtone doesn’t he? The heavy rain and omnipotent presence of  Synn makes for a creepy visual.

9. Daredevil v1 #319: Year-1993


Scott Mcdaniel drew this brilliant and brave cover. Having the main character as just a blip in the far distance with one single multi storey building…..ok it’s a little more famous than the Dundee multis but still.  It absolutely works though, it shows just the incredible feats that DD goes to in his vigilante life.

8. Daredevil v5 #1: Year-2016

Look at it!! look at this wonderful cover and smile!!! smile damn you! What a great idea from Marvel to do these variants for several characters and John Tyler Christopher did a brilliant job with our boy DD’s.

7. Daredevil/Spider-man Unusual Suspects #2: Year-2001

The beautiful, photo realistic, painted style of Alex Ross sometimes work in sequential comics and sometimes it doesn’t but when he’s on covers he creates things of beauty. I said previously in the first part of the list that I love covers that subvert angles and give us a different perspective from the usual straight ahead profile shots. Good pals DD and Spidey doing their thing as the New York streets below are filled with unsuspecting hustle and bustle. Brilliant.

6.Elektra: Assassin #8: Year-1987

Ok so technically it’s not a Daredevil cover but it’s Elektra who is deeply entrenched in his world so it qualifies. I love Bill Sienkiewicz crazy, messy style and even with that unorthodox look he manages to create a striking, mysterious,  beautiful Elektra.


5.Daredevil v2 #62: Year-2004



Maleev captures the somber tone of he and Bendis’ epic run with a dejected looking DD perched up high from the problems of the world below.

4. Daredevil v2 ’90: Year-2006


Lee Bermejo is one of the most spectacular artists in comics today and here he depicts DD when he took his trip to Europe. Such a peculiar sight to see the Eiffel Tower in the background instead of the New York skyline.

3. Daredevil v1 #53: Year-1969


What a brilliant, inventive cover from the master, Gene Colan. It shows the juxtaposition of DD’s dual personalities, one a lawyer using the law to take down criminals and the other a vigilante taking the law into his own hands. We also see both versions of the costume, the early yellow number and the much better red job. Work it girl etc.

2.Daredevil v2 #117: Year-2009


I remember the first time I saw this cover and I was blown away. Not only is the art by Marko Djurdjevic cracking but DD shaking hands with the newly returned Kingpin was shocking. I was reading the series anyway but I was desperate to find out what the hell was going on. A perfect example of how to use a cover as something more than eye candy.

1.Daredevil v2 #50: Year-2003


Of course Alex Maleev was going to take the top spot and it’s well deserved. For those of us who were reading the series at the time of this shocking revelation you were no doubt blown away as I was. Daredevil had beaten the living crap out of The Kingpin and taken his place as the new king of Hell’s Kitchen. This cover manages to capture a Daredevil that looks exhausted from his excursions in battle but also looks like a total G as he takes his place as the new ruler of the kitchen.



and there it is, long overdue and I hope it was worth it. Let me know some of your favourite covers and artists that worked on the man without fear. Catch me @swing_kinker or @BigGlasgowComic Tattie bye xx