KINKER KORNER: Top 45 Daredevil Covers #45-26

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I’m biggidy biggidy back with another Kinker Korner…K…Killer Kover……thing. I’m working on it….anyway it’s another cover special and this time it’s my boy Daredevil getting the Kinker treatment. If you read my top Daredevil stories list (click on my name at the top of this column for all my stuff) you’ll know about my undying love for the man without fear.

45. Daredevil v2 #502: Year-2010

we begin with an Esad Ribic piece from towards the end of volume 2 when the numbering got all confusing and screwy. It’s #502 but it’s actually around the #100 mark. It reverted to volume 1 numbers as a tribute but just ended up being confusing as hell for newcomers. During this period, Daredevil had taken control of the group of ninjas known as The Hand

44. Daredevil v2 # 509: Year-2010

John Cassaday brings us the promise of a team up with the brilliant street level vigilante Luke Cage (who gets his own tv series soon….about damn time) and the martial arts master Iron fist (also getting a tv series yayy) joining Daredevil.

43. Daredevil v1 #38: Year-1968

The legendary Gene Colan (who many believe doesn’t get nearly enough credit for helping mold DD into the character he became) shows Daredevil in real trouble as the street level hero is mixed up with the Marvel powerhouse Dr Doom. It’s on!.

42. Daredevil v1 #164 Year-1980

An iconic cover from the legendary loon Frank Miller and Wally Wood showing an adult Matt Murdock somehow returning to the night his father was murdered by the mob. Definitely makes you want to find out what’s going on here.

41. Daredevil  v3 #22: Year-2013

A wonderful throwback to the Gene Colan days from Paolo Rivera perfectly encapsulating Mark Waid’s fun series.  I love covers that subvert angles, making us look down onto the streets like this. I’m so jealous of artists. Oh and it’s always good to see the ridiculous Stilt Man getting some screen time.

40. v4 #17: Year-2015

Pimping ain’t pimping aint easy man.  This one’s not even released yet, Kinker Korner is so ahead of it’s time…..anyway this fun wee cover from Chris Samnee is a blast and shows both sides of our hero in a neat way.

39. Dark Nights #6: Year-2013

It’s Misty Knight!! plus points already. Wildly juxtaposing it’s title, this cover is far from dark and looks like a spoof on Charlies Angels. Great work from Amanda Conner.

38. Daredevil v2 #104: Year-2008

I always love covers that use film role or photo booth pics to explain a story. Marko Djurdjevic delivers just that in this Ed Brubaker written issue.

37. Daredevil v2 #75: Year-2005

Alex Maleev is an artist you are going to be seeing an awful lot of in this list and in fact he was an integral part of volume 2’s massive success. He’s easily up there with my favourite artists and this menacing piece shows why. This cover pokes at Matt Murdock’s struggle with his Catholicism

36. Daredevil v4 #3 Year-2014

Chris Samnee and Jerome know the character well as demonstrated in this cover showing the man without fear looming over the famous Lady Of Justice conveying the juxtaposition of lawyer and vigilante.

35. v2 #35 Year-2002

Alex Maleev wonderfully depicting the friendship between Spider-Man and Daredevil in a beautiful, chalky cover.

34. Daredevil Reborn #1: Year-2010

Mark Simpson brings us a brilliant cover that, unless I’m incredibly stupid, is open to interpretation. My take on it is that the whole of Hell’s Kitchen’s hopes die with Daredevil should the worst come to the worst.

33. Abattoir: Year-1993

I don’t know what it is about this cover that I love s much….it’s kind of hokey and Black Widow looks ridiculous but……it might be the rich colours from Ken Lopez or the horror movie vibe going on. Either way it’s here for some reason and it stays here.

32. Daredevil V2 #5 variant: Year-1998


I’m not the biggest fan of Joe Quesada’s art. It’s not like I dislike it or anything, it just doesn’t grab me the way some art does but this cover is beautiful. Focusing purely on Matt holding a lifeless Karen Page during Kevin Smith’s stellar Guardian Devil story.

31. Daredevil v #163: Year-1980

An ominous cover from a fresh up and coming Frank Miller who would of course go on to write the title and redefine Daredevil much like he did with Batman. It’s often forgotten how good an artist he could be as we see here with The Hulk getting ready to smash puny Daredevil to mush.

30. Daredevil v2 #79: Year-2006

During the Murdock  papers things were really ramping up and Matt was going through absolute hell at the hands of writer Brian Michael Bendis. Alex Maleev’s cover walks the line between blood and costume, playing tricks on the eyes every time you look at it. Splendid stuff from an artist on top of his game.

29. Daredevil v1 #220 Year-1985

Any time David Mazzucchelli works on a comic you know you are in for a visual treat. Here he seems to be channeling Victorian England, there’s a neat Jack The Ripper vibe going on here. Wonderful colouring and perfect atmosphere.

28. Daredevil v2 #60 Year-2004

Another Maleev piece, this time with a portrait of Daredevil with a really sweet lighting effect with the darkness being pierced by the life above ground. Damn Maleev is so good.

27. Daredevil Black And White: Year-2010

Brilliant manipulation of page space and dimensional angles from David Aja in this brilliantly old school noir take on David Mazzucchelli’s 1985 classic.

Both great but I personally prefer the noir style in Black And White.

26. The Man Without Fear #1: Year-1993

John Romita jr and Al Williamson show us the tragic event that prompted Matt to become Daredevil while in the background, the man he will become looms protectively over him. Perfectly suited for the fan favourite origin story written by Frank Miller. The background figure is so imposing and metal.


And there we have it, part one is in the books and there’s just 25 more entries to go. Did your favourite make it? Let me know @swing_kinker and of course I’m always up for taking new ideas for lists. Byeeee