KINKER KORNER: Top 54 Fights In Comics Part Two #39-30

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Back once again for the renegade master it’s Kinker Korner starting fights and kicking arses. Or making blogs about comics, whatever works for you. Thanks again to my good old chum Scotty Farquharson for the request so let’s “get yer dukes up” and protect yourself at all times. Let’s do this, starting with this little fight:


39. Punisher Chop Suey: From-Dark Reign: The List- 2009

This was set during a weird time in Marvel comics as Norman Osborn was now an American hero and worked for the government with a group known as the Dark Avengers. They were villains playing the part of the regular Avengers (Bullseye was Hawkeye, Daken was Wolverine etc). It’s all part of his dastardly scheme and The Punisher attempts to assassinate him. Seeing him as a genuine threat, Osborn sends Daken to kill The Punisher in what should be a very one sided mauling. Osborn hadn’t counted on Frank Castle being just as much of a challenge so what we got was a beast of a fight. Unfortunately for Frank, Daken’s healing factor was just too much to overcome and he ended up without arms and ultimately…..without a head. That was the end of The Punisher…….until he was put back together and became Frankencastle. Nope, not a joke.


38.Morlun Makes His Entrance: From- Spider-Man: 2001

The first arc of J.Michael Straczynski’s run of Spidey is probably my favourite and it has an excellent battle with a new character called Morlun. There was a weird angle in his run where it turns out Peter was part of this totem of spider people and the radioactive bite just awakened his powers….it was nonsense but man was this fight special. Morlun feeds off of super powered folk and is a real challenge for Spidey, the likes of which we had never seen. He’s faster, stronger and just won’t stop pursuing Peter. There’s even a moment where Pete runs off to make a call to Aunt May saying how much he loves her no matter what happens. Morlun would go on to be a bit of lame duck down the road story wise but this first arc was incredible and a high point of the run.


38.Can’t Touch This: From- Power Man And Iron Fist-1983

What a great issue this was and it was written by an up and coming Kurt Busiek. The brilliantly named Unus The Untouchable (snigger) decides to stroll around robbing shops in downtown Manhattan and Luke and Danny are hired to save the day. Unus has an impenetrable force-field he can activate around him  so when the duo start to fight him they can’t get near him. Even Iron Fist can’t punch through it and so Luke has the amazing idea to lift him up by the force-field knowing that he’d have to deactivate it to escape Luke’s grip. Unus smugly thinks he can quickly turn it off and on again and escape but he grossly underestimates Danny’s speed and takes a boot to the face. Then he takes the famous Iron Fist to the chops and gets sent flying. Great fun.


37.Float Like A Butterfly: From- Superman vs Muhammad Ali: 1978

Possibly the most famous comic cover ever, filled with celebrities of the time like Cher, The Jackson 5, Sinatra and even Batman and Aquaman turn up. A legendary cover from Neal Adams. this mental story is beyond intriguing and must have been an absolute blast to have been around and reading comics at this time. A bunch of aliens demand that Earth send their mightiest warrior to face theirs. Ali and Supes both come forward but Ali says Supes isn’t like most earthlings and so the two battle for the right to take on the alien (with me?). The fight is contested under a red sun which temporarily strips Supes of his powers and Ali beats him senseless begging the ref to stop it as Superman just don’t go down. He eventually collapses and Ali is left to fight the Alien. Shenanigans occur and our heroes save the day when Superman gets his powers back. Fun fun fun.



36.Bucky? Oh here?: From- Captain America: 2005-06

Ed Brubaker did the impossible….he wrote an ongoing Cap America series that I was incredibly interested in. Red Skull is assassinated by a mysterious hitman who SHIELD claim looks like Bucky Barnes, Cap’s old sidekick from decades earlier in ww2. Bucky turns out to indeed be the assassin and it obviously messes with Cap’s head but Barnes has amnesia and doesn’t know his old buddy from Adam. He’s also a highly skilled fighter with a cybernetic arm and the two have an emotionally charged fight until Bucky starts to regain his memories and becomes overridden with guilt for all of the covert operations he has been involved in. Wonderful stuff.


35. The Russian: From- The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank: 2000

Garth Ennis is no stranger to creating absurd characters and The Russian fits that mold perfectly. A hulking brute from the eastern block with an inhuman tolerance for pain and a playful attitude more akin to a child. The Punisher throws everything, including the kitchen sink at him but he just won’t go down. It takes a ridiculously amusing plan to finish the fight but I’ll leave you to read that for yourself. In the 2004 Thomas Jane movie he was played by Big Sexy Kevin Nash himself which adds more cool points to the character.


34. That Time Spidey Killed A Lass: From- Spider-Man vs Wolverine: 1987

This was a great little graphic novel written by Jim Owsley and drawn by Mark Bright with our heroes traveling to Europe and getting caught up in KGB assassinations and all kinds of shenanigans. Wolverine is helping an assassin from his past known as Charlemagne who at one point realises her game is up and she will be caught and tortured. She asks Wolvie to end her life and this is when Spidey catches him about to do the deed. Then comes an excellent, close fight between two of Marvel’s big hitters. Wolvie gets the upper hand and explains that either of them could kill the other. Spidey comes back with a flurry of punches when a helicopter beam blinds him. Charlie sees an opportunity and sneaks up and puts her hands on Spidey, knowing he is furious and disorientated. She receives a full powered smack in the coupon and dies in Wolvies arms. Despite it being what Charlie wanted, Spidey is still obviously tormented with guilt.


33. TAPS AFF!: From- Batman: 1972


One of the more famous moments in Batman history, he and R’as Al Ghul have a sword duel in the desert. Written by the great Denny O’ Neil with art from the brilliant duo of Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, Batman overcomes several obstacles to get to his tormentor and battle him with a blade. This story saw the debut of Matches Malone and the Lazarus pit which is put to use after Batman is stung by a scorpion and lies dying. That’s the only downer…..a great fight split up by a little scorpion!.


32. Bullseye!: From- Deadpool:2009

Deadpool is very hit and miss with me. I loved volume one written by Joe Kelly and to me that’s the definitive version of the character. He’s demented, funny but also tortured and desperate for love and acceptance and embarrassed by his appearance. When Daniel Way started writing him the character became the meme friendly, non stop joking Jim Carrey type…..well the 90s Jim Carrey, not the preachy bible thumping creepy Jim Carrey of today. Anyway, this was a high point in Daniel Way’s run (which don’t get me wrong, it was good in places it just lost all it’s pathos) as Bullseye was in the Dark Avengers acting as Hawkeye and had a great battle with Deadpool. Bullsey’s sinister sense of humour mixes well with Deadpool’s wackiness as they smack talk while they batter each other non stop.


31.Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut: From- Amazing Spider-Man: 1982

I’ve never been the biggest fan of John Romita jr but he brings some of his best stuff in this story that sees Juggernaut and Black Tom come to New York in an attempt to kidnap….sigh….Madam Web. This fight would be higher on the list if it didn’t involve Web as she’s a character I have never liked and found her utterly pointless in the world of Spider-Man. Anyway Spidey obviously tries to save the day and spends almost two whole issues trying to find something to stop Juggy but can’t. In one amazing scene he even commandeers an oil tanker and runs it into him…..and he comes through it without a scratch!. It’s an amazing showcase for Juggernaut’s power and how he could really be a massive player in Marvel if he so wished but he tends to just deal in petty stuff. Wet cement was his undoing as Spidey cleverly lures him to a sticky end of the fight.


30. The Court Is In Session: From- Batman: 2012

The Court Of Owls is a story that’s become a modern classic which is a hell of a feat as most comics aren’t truly appreciated until quite a while after it’s release (knightfall etc). Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo created a group of villains that have existed since the 1600s and have secretly controlled Gotham. Snyder has a real obsession with Gotham as a character but before he drove that into the ground we got this amazing story about William Cobb of The Talons (assassins of the court) attempting to killed Bruce Wayne while he tries to figure out the secret of the court. Batman ends up trapped in a maze and is repeatedly beaten by Cobb in attempt to break him. Obviously our man keeps fighting and although incredibly close to giving in he manages a genius escape that impresses The Talons. Seeing Batman so thoroughly defeated and beaten is a strange and upsetting site but it really nailed what an important force The Court Of Owls is in the DC universe now.


Ok that’s part 2 done and 3 more to go. Stay tuned and as ever keep sending me requests for lists to do. Catch me @swing_kinker or @BigGlasgowComic Cheers big ears!.

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