10.Slave Island-Season 1 Episode 7

The first couple of seasons of the show were excellent but there was a lot of time spent in the Savage Land……and I’ve never been a fan of that particular area. It looks great and it should be loads of fun with dinosaurs and Rogue in a loin cloth but meh, just never clicked for me. Thankfully this episode which is indeed set there, focuses more on the team working to get out of a predicament in which they are wearing slave collars like in Battle Rpyale. There are loads of cameos in this episode too where they’ve crammed in all sorts of characters including Scotland’s own Wolfsbane! and she’s in feral mode!.


9. The Dark Phoenix-Season 3 Episodes 11-14

Well, picking up from where we left off earlier in season 3 we go back to this four parter that takes on the most beloved X-Men story in history…..although I think it’s a bit overrated. That said I wasn’t there and reading at the time so I understand that makes a huge difference. Anyway the Phoenix force is still inside Jean Grey and it’s taking over at will, she can’t control it at all any more and things are getting hairy. The team must figure out a way to destroy the unimaginably powerful Dark Phoenix without killing Jean. It leads to some emotional scenes that make even me care for Cyclops.


8. Proteus-Season 4 Episode 4-5

An episode based on an excellent late 70s arc from early on in the Claremont/Byrne comic run (See my top X-Men stories for more info on that). So we’re off to Scotland and hoooo boy we have some hilarious attempts at the accent here…I mean….I know accents for small countries you don’t know much about can be hard but Jesus Christ guys at least try!. Anyway it’s about Moira MacTaggart’s son Kevin 9Proteus) who is an insanely powerful mutant but the problem is he can’t control it so he’s pretty much treated like a wild animal and kept under constant surveillance and controlled in a not so pleasant manner. It obviously makes his young mind insane and he breaks free using his powers of possession.  Things get really fun when we get to see his reality altering powers and the artists get to play around with the world bending and splitting all over the place. Proteus is so powerful he literally makes Wolverine cry…..yup…SCOTLAND REPRESENT!.


7. The Cure-Season 1 Episode 9

The third X-Men movie “Last Stand” pretty much did this story but just threw it in there with no real care. A wee cartoon from the 90s actually treated it in a more considered and thoughtful way than a multi million budget film from Brett Ratner. Rogue, unable to touch her loved ones is always a target for those that want to push a cure on the world as she is missing out on something she longs for. Here she is offered that chance while Cable is out to destroy the cure and most of the X-Men believe there is nothing to actually cure. It’s a trap though as we are introduced to Apocalypse who is always up to these tricks.


6. Enter Magneto-Season 1 Episode 3

Unsurprisingly this is where we meet the master of magnetism who is one of the greatest villains in the history of villainy. Unfortunately his popularity and sympathetic nature often leads to writers feeling that they have to follow suit to create a successful villain. Sometimes just being pure evil is what we need, it makes characters like this where you can understand there side mean so much more. Anyway, as for the episode, it’s a very interesting one in which he tries to break an incarcerated Beast out of prison (Beast stays in his cell like a good boy) and sets his radgie sights on a military compound to attack humans. It shows both sides of the character and displays his complex nature.


5. X-Ternally Yours-Season 2 Episode 6

Another backstory and this time it’s my boiiiii Gambit getting a run out. That also means it’s hilarious accent time as we head to the swamps of New Orleans. Anyway our loveable Cajun thief receives a disturbing phonecall informing him that his brother has been kidnapped and the family feud from his youth still rages on. Any fans of Gambit will know where we head from here as we learn about the tithe and Bella Donna, Gambit’s ex wife!. It’s a lot of plot for one wee episode and they cram it all in to an entertaining watch for fans.


4. Graduation Day-Season 5 Episode 14

Well then, this is it, we’ve come to the end of the entire series and we go out with a well thought out and emotional episode that nicely wraps things up. So often animated shows get cancelled and are left without a defined ending but that’s not the case here, it’s quite clearly and definitively the end of the show. Xavier is mortally injured by an attack at a peace summit and all seems lost. It turns out the only way to save him is with a cure in space with the Shi’ar empire. Magneto, who is planning a huge attack on humans has a crisis of conscience and halts his plans out of respect to Xavier, his friend and rival. The final scene where the X-Men line up along with Magneto to see of Xavier is an iconic shot. A lot of people slag the last couple of season due to the change in animation and voice actors which is fair but it all works in a satisfactory way here.


3. Weapon X, Lies And Videotape-Season 3 Episode 20

The final episode of the third season sees Wolverine unlocking loads of painful memories that threaten to drive him nuts. Looking at a picture has triggered all of this and he, along with Beast travel to the ruins of Weapon X to try and find some kind of reasoning behind it. There he bumps into the other subjects of Weapon X like Sabretooth and Silver Fox who are also having the same problems. Turns out their memories were implanted by the program and their legit memories were destroyed along with the lab. Tragic stuff.


2. Night Of The Sentinels-Season 1 Episodes 1-2

The two parter that started it all and it’s a cracker. We’re first introduced to Jubilee who acts as the viewer in a sense, she’s a young mallrat who ends up caught up in a crazy situation with the mutant hunting sentinels chasing after her. She’s saved by members of the X-Men including Gambit who kindly takes time out of hitting on cashiers to help the young girl. Confused about her mutations and the whole situation, she is whisked away to the Xavier mansion and learns all about the team. She ends up joining the team and will be a big part of the show moving forward. There’s so many fun moments in these episodes and a great introduction to a show that meant a lot to me as a kid.


1 Days Of Future Past-Season 1 Episodes 11-12

A two episode classic based on one of the most popular stories in the comics. This was one of the first episodes I saw after “Night Of The Sentinels” and it contains the exact moment I fell in love with Gambit. There’s chaos, action, violence and a time traveling mutant is intent on killing the X-Men, Gambit wanders in declaring “Everyone can relax….Gambit has returned” so nonchalantly. The time traveler is Bishop who has returned from a future ruled over by Sentinels and mutants live in slave camps. This is all because apparently one of the X-Men killed Senator Kelly. Turns out that person may be Gambit!. The team help Bishop figure out what’s going on and try to stop the assassination. It’s an excellent story with great moments and a worthy winner.


So there we go! The top X-Men animated series episodes as chosen by moi. Thanks a lot for reading and hit me up with episodes you think should have been on here. Cheers x