Krypton: A DC show that just won’t work?

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Krypton is a potentially upcoming show and yet another DC addition to its already impressive roster of shows. The show is in development over at the Syfy network and is apparently being executively produced by the huge DC producer/writer David S.Goyer (Dark Knight trilogy, Batman vs Superman) and Ian Goldberg (Once apon a time).

The show is going to be based on Superman’s home planet of Krypton however the show will revolve around Superman’s Grandfather possibly years before the birth of even Superman’s father Jor-el. The idea is to give us yet even further backstory on the Superman mythos and show how the house of El was once shamed and ostracized but grew to become the powerful family worthy of giving life to the Man of Steel himself. This would give us a unique and new view of Superman’s family history and could make for some incredibly interesting stories. So will it work?


The problems for this show are almost too numerous to list. Man of Steel showed us an incredible depiction of the planet Krypton with technology, architecture and landscapes  that were truly alien (if a touch Avatar reminiscent). The opening part of the film on Krypton was actually many people’s favourite part of the film.

mos3Don’t see Syfy’s show resembling his world

This was made possible because Man of steel had a budget of $225 million, slightly more than the average Syfy show. To make a show set on another planet we know for a fact does not resemble Earth in any way, both Man of Steel and Superman (1978) both showcased very different depections of Krypton but both were incredibly non-Earth like, you have to create a whole world. This means either trying to build many complex sets, which given limited budget is rather unlikely or alternatively trying to make Earth look like it is another world, much more likely and a terrible option as it just never works.

The Syfy network has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years actually turning out many high quality, very enjoyable things however their movies and series’ still have an air of cheapness about them and to create an entire alien world of one of the most advanced and revered races in the DC Universe that turns out well is…incredibly unlikely. Another great thing about the Man of Steel version of Krypton was the casting of Jor-el and we can expect someone significantly less imposing than Russell Crowe as the star of the TV Krypton.

The show would also face many other problems, by the time it would air we would have over 10 other comic book based shows, both Marvel and DC and both with actual known and cared about characters, giving massively stiff competition. Given it couldn’t be connected to any other show limits it, with comic book shows all starting to employ crossover worlds(Flash/Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D/ Agent Carter) this as stand alone would isolate it. However the main problem for the show is really, would most people actually want to see it?

sad-supermanI’d want to see the show…

The show would face the same problem Gotham Is encountering, we all care about who the show is building the world on but do we really care about their worlds without them actually in it?

Millions flock to see Superman in films but a tiny fraction of that number actually go out and buy Superman comics every month and even they just may not care what his extended family and planet were like before even Jor-el since in the grand scheme of things it has no bearing on Superman himself. Suoerman was made into who he is by the Kents and we’ve already seen that story play out on Smallville. Do we really need a show on Krypton that is just going to be painfully missing something?

We would love to know your thoughts on Krypton, would it work? Should it be made? Would anyone beyond die hard fans even care? Are there any problems we missed? Let us know.

Keep checking back to see more news on Krypton as it develops.