Lady Zorro #3 Advance Review

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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Writer: Alex de Campi

Artist: Rey Villegas

Colourist: Morgan Hickman

Letterer: Alex de Campi

With last issue being so full of action and surprises and yet another cliff-hanger, part 3 of Lady Zorro: Blood and Lace takes a slightly more relaxed approach though there is still a smattering of action for our masked heroine. Following straight on from issue 2, Lady Zorro and the amorous soldier she managed to save had been surrounded by native Americans, though the peril is very short lived as it turns out our rescued soldier is in fact known to the tribe as Sisquoc and much to the surprise of Lady Zorro, he is also a member of their tribe, returning to bring the terrible news that the Eagle Axe is still with the enemy and that a war is about to begin, a war that the tribe knows it cannot win.

Even with Sisquoc vouching for Lady Zorro, without the axe there is little trust offered but by using her prim and proper ways manages to convince her new captors to at least let her wash off the blood from her body, which then turns into yet another break for freedom with the ever lusty Sisquoc, the twos relationship intensifying as they console one another before their intimate moment is cut short by gun toting officers which leads to more cut throat action and the final roll call before all-out war.

The more relaxed pace of Lady Zorro #3 allows for a little more character depth for the previously unknown soldier Sisquoc, offering his reasons for both being an officer and why he was to be hanged though on the other side of this, Lady Zorro without the action just turns out to be quite plain and becomes more of a pinup girl with plenty of suggestive shots and loose covering clothes, something I commented on last issue for being strong enough to avoid and here it just about manages to be well done thanks to the skilful art or Rey Villegas, turning away from simple titillation into a more mature situation befitting of a lady.

The characters again look great and add life to the paper, with the colours and pencils of Rey Villegas and Morgan Hickman really suiting the diverse differences between the two lands, from the dust washed barren land of old California to the more lush and green lands of the local Indian tribe, the slowed pace of the story allowing to let the pages flow more slowly with larger, more detailed panels of the lovers entwined showing time almost standing still for all but the briefest of moments but then able to turn it up a notch to add just a little action to keep it interesting.

After the last couple of issues this third part slows the pace and in all honesty does not feel like it progressed much from the last panel of issue 2 apart from a little character development, so it will be interesting to see what Alex de Campi has in store for Lady Zorro and this new character Sisquoc during the coming battle promised for next issue.