Lego Batman 3 gets a playable Kevin Smith!

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Im a pretty big fan of the Lego games created by Traveller’s Tales, starting with Lego Star Wars and now reaching Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, fans have found hours of fun playing with miniature versions of their favourite characters.  The games are known for their massive rosters of playable heroes and it seems that Lego Batman 3 will be no different, in fact, it may be the most interesting one yet!

Earlier today it was announced that writer/director Kevin Smith, known for such movies as Mallrats, Clerks and Chasing Amy would be starring in the game as himself.  Smith is most recognisable to fans for playing Silent Bob and is a massive comic book fan, not only did he name his daughter Harley after the DC character of the same name, he owns his own comic book store in New Jersey and has even written for DC from time to time.

Joining Smith as a playable character will be DC Entertainments chief creative officer and writer, Geoff Johns!  That’s not all though, the ingame version of Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow will be voiced by none other than Stephen Amell, the actor currently portraying the same character in CW’s Arrow.