Marvel-ous success!

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Yesterday I reported on Sophie Caldecott’s plea to Marvel to help make her Father Stratford’s final days that little bit better. Many of the cast and crew had already shown their support and today she has updated her personal blog to share her families appreciation.

Stratford who is currently in hospital really wanted to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier but was just too ill to make it to the cinema to see the movie. The team over at Marvel are very kindly arranging for him to have a special private screening – which we think is just fantastic of them!


Other Marvel actors have now shown their support despite having very busy schedules working on upcoming Marvel projects – looks like Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr snapped their pic from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Sophie has shared how grateful she is to all the cast and crew who took photos for her father and has also thanked everyone else who joined in and took photos or sent messages of love and support to her and her family. Included below is one of the montage images showing photos of many people who sent her a photo of support for Strat – yes, I picked the one that included me – and maybe some of you if you followed my suggestion to send her a photo of your own.


Sophie has been so completely overwhelmed by the support and now that her wish to have help her father has been granted she would like to direct all the continued support towards Prostate Cancer awareness and suggests Prostate Cancer UK (who also got involved to support Strat) as a source of further information should you have any questions or concerns.

I spoke to Sophie directly yesterday via twitter and shared our love and support from the BGCP team with her personally and all of us here at BGCP would also like to thank any of our fans who may have read yesterdays post about the #CapForStrat story and who sent Sophie and Strat their love and support. You have taken time out of your day to show just how awesome the geek community is and we are very proud of you for that!

Keep being awesome geeks!