Marvel’s Next Big Event is Secret Wars?

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Marvel have just announced a brand new crossover event for 2015 and to long time comic book fans it may sound very familiar, the event is called Secret Wars!  Of course the original Secret Wars was an event from 1984 which featured a large cross section of the Marvel Super Hero teams such as the Avengers, The X-Men and the Fantastic 4 fighting it out on a planet known as Battleworld.

This new event seems to feature multiple versions of the same heroes from different parts in the Marvel timeline described by Tom Brevoort, Senior VP of publishing at Marvel, as The Biggest thing Marvel has ever attempted.  One thing to note, this seems to be an Avengers dominated event unlike the original.  Spider-man is present in the image but it appears to be Miles Morales from the Ultimate universe instead of Peter Parker.  The implication seems to be that characters that Marvel don’t currently own the movie rights to have been deliberately left out but given that we only have a single image to go from its far too early for speculation.

According to Brevoort, the event has been in planning stages since 2012 and given how Marvel shuffle planned events around it sounds likely that it was sidelined for a time.  It is puzzling that they would use the exact same name from a previous event but despite this it does not appear to be a reboot or retelling.  We will print more information as it becomes available, for now take a look at the first released image below.