Miss any Superhero casting news?

Sometimes we go a week with no Superhero casting news and other like the last week (10-20th February ’15) we get tonnes of Superhero casting news. So just in case you happened to miss any here is every major and minor casting from the world of the Superhero TV and Movie world, with a game adaptation thrown in too for good measure.

Kodi-Smit McPhee – X-men: Apocalypse (Nightcrawler)

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Kodi-Smit McPhee has been cast as the young fan favourite Nightcrawler it was announced by Bryan Singer on his Instagram. The 21-year-old actor then sent out a message on his own Instagram saying “ I am humbled and honored to be joining this incredible project and to be able to tell the story of the well-respected young mutant Nightcrawler”. Smit-McPhee joins other young actors Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner and Tye Sheidan in the 1980’s set Fox sequel/prequel. Singer has teased Nightcrawler’s return for over a year even planning a scene for him in Days of Future Past but ultimately having to scrap the scene. We’re sure many fans look forward to Nightcrawlers return.

Joel Kinnaman – Suicide Squad (Colonel Rick Flag)

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With the departure of Tom Hardy as Rick Flag rumours of many actors filling the void in the upcoming Suicide Squad had flowed around the internet with the role eventually being filled by Robocop himself Joel Kinnaman. Despite the Robocop reboot doing well Joel Kinnaman is still not really a big household name which is probably how the producers managed to get him for the apparently reduced role of Rick Flag which put off many bigger names.

Morenna Baccarin – Deadpool (Female lead)

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Morenna Baccarin (Firefly, V) has landed the female lead opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. There is little known about the part at this point other than putting her opposite Wade Wilson a.k.a the merc with a mouth. Leading ladies have been few and far between in Wade’s life with this fact and rumours, due to the description of the casting call, saying she will be playing Vanessa Carlysle, also known as the mutant Copycat, which again would tie the movie back to the X-men universe. Other rumours suggest she may be playing Domino or even Death herself. One thing for sure is that whoever she plays Morenna Baccarin’s comedy acting chops will be tested to the max.

Emily Kinney – The Flash (Bug-eyed Bandit)

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The hit CW show The Flash has just cast Walking Dead alum Emily Kinney in a gender swapped role of the Bug-eyed Bandit.  The bug-eyed bandit has been around in the comics since the 1960’s and is a Supervillain and enemy of the Atom. This looks like after The Flash we will be seeing crossovers with Arrow, with the main characters only crossing over once a year, one way to make the 2 shows stay connected is to have villains cross over. The Bug-eyed bandit is proficient in micro-circuitry and creates mechanical insects that allow them to control insects. Set to be the villain of the week when Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer crossover to The Flash later this season.

Jay Hernandez – Suicide Squad (unknown)

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The Suicide Squad film with the casting of Rick Flag has it’s Squad fully rounded out so director David Ayer is now starting to build up the world around them and to start off has cast Jay Hernandez in a completely unknown role. Rumours have suggested that given his Latino Background he may in fact have been cast as Bane, while other rumours say that the recent tweet by Ayer of a flamethrower suggests he may be Firefly but at this point everything is rumour. The Suicide Squad movie, especially if based partly in Arkham Asylum, is a great opportunity to introduce many DC characters to the universe in a single movie without it feeling forced and it would be a great idea, even as cameos, to introduce as many as possible.

Gina Carano – Deadpool (Angel Dust)

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The actress/MMA fighter Gina Carano has joined the upcoming Deadpool movie as Christine a.k.a Angel dust, a mutant capable of unleashing adrenaline into her system which renders her somewhat superhuman(think Captain America type power). The character was introduced by Geoff Johns and was introduced as a member of the Morlocks, an underground mutant cell. How her character will fit in Deadpool isn’t clear at this point but given the Morlock’s connection to the X-men it may be an easy way to bridge the gap between the X-men movies and Deadpool.

Doug Jones – Arrow (Deathbolt)

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Arrow have cast Doug Jones (Hellboy) as DC supervillain Deathbolt. This is the first super-powered advisory, with the exception of mirakura soldiers, that Stephen Amell’s “team Arrow” have had to face, as up until this point they have focused on more “grounded” threats but with the expansion of the universe due to The Flash the team will be seeing these super-powered threats crop up a lot more often. Deathbolt, real name Jake Simmons, was introduced in All-Star Squadran in 1983 and has the ability to manipulate electricity. According to IGN Deathbolt will be “a metahuman with the ability to harness and weaponize plasma energy” Whether or not this means Deathbolt will be getting a science-rather-than-powers makeover we don’t know but with him appearing in episode 19, we don’t have too long a wait to find out.

Drea de Matto – Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D (Karla Faye Gideon)

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Drea de Matteo will be guest starring on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in a repeating guest spot as Karla Faye Gideon who is described as a “gifted woman with a grudge to bear against shield”. Reports stated that she will be teaming up with Skye’s dad Dr Calvin Zappo which people caught up on the show until this point may find odd. Gideon, in the comics at least, is a regular human who had an abusive husband and because of his behaviour eventually Gideon wound up crossing paths with Matt Murdock’s Daredevil (played by Charlie Cox in upcoming Netflix show). Given that Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D and Daredevil will exist in the same universe this might be a good character to have cross into both as an initial link between the 2 shows.

Marion Cotillard – Assassins Creed (unknown)

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Assassin’s Creed has officially been given the green light now by Ubisoft’s partner New Regency and it seems that they are not waiting around as Deadline reports that star Michael Fassbender has been joined by Marion Cotillard(The Dark Knight Rises) She has been cast in a role, that just like Fassbender’s(X-men) is intended to span several films, should the film be financially successful enough to warrant them. Nothing is known about her character at this point but given the nature of the series she is likely to only be playing an Assassin or Templar. Also given the almost time travel nature of the video game series she could be playing either a character in the past, present…or both.


So there you have it all the previous 7-10 days worth of superhero casting news, some big, some small and a couple of as-of yet-unknowns. At the moment we live in the age of the superhero and as such we get a lot of superhero casting news sometimes and it’s easy to miss one or two so always remember to check back with the BGCP for all upcoming superhero film/TV news