New reveals from Daredevil, Avengers 2, X-men Apocalypse & Fantastic 4

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Sometimes we go a long time without getting an announcement about upcoming superhero movies or TV shows however then there are days like today where we get new reveals from 4 separate productions, you can check them all out below:

Fantastic 4

After lots of discussions about what The Thing will actually look, given the leak that occured of a poster and  that  like it seems that Fox decided to just give us a frontal shot of The Thing to just show us and then at least we can moan about what he acutally looks like instead of what we think he looks like.

the thing

Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron

The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron has so many new characters being added into it and being showcased that it’s hard to be particularly excited about any new reveals. Paul Bettany’s Vision however is one of the characters we know many people are looking forward to and Marvel have given us a nice new look at him in this new image:

the vision

X-men: Apocalypse

This is another movie like Avengers 2 where there are so many characters involved that it is hard to get excited about any 1 character. Earlier today though Apocalypse director Bryan Singer gave us a look at the all new Angel who is going to be Appearing in X-men: Apocalypse:



Possibly the biggest announcement to come out today we have saved for last. For a little while now we have been seeing a lot of stuff from the new Netflix Daredevil series which airs on April 10th. One of the main thing speople have discusssed is the lack of a red Suit, however today we possibly got a glimpse of the red suit. Now at this point we have no idea if this was concept art or possibly even totally made up fan work but no matter what it turns out to be, this could be what your new Daredevil will eventually look like, check it out:

netflix daredevil

So which of today’s reveals was your favourite and what did you think of them all? Let us know below or on Facebook/ Twitter and as always for all the latest news and reveals always check back with the Big Glasgow Comic Page.