New Space Adventure Cobra anime to be Europe-Japan co-production

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Monaco-based company Shibuya Productions have today announced their intention to make a new original TV series based on the much-loved Rugball arc of cult sci-fi adventure anime Space Adventure Cobra.

Titled The Return of Joe Gillian, no further details have yet been announced, but the new series appears to be an extremely faithful reproduction of the 1982 anime, will be a co-production between European and Japanese staff, and the project seemingly has the blessing of original creator Buichi Terasawa.

Although relatively unknown in the English-speaking world, Shibuya are also currently involved in the production of both Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue III and a new series of Osamu Tezuka’s Astroboy.

While it has never enjoyed the same level of success in the English-speaking world, a European co-production is not entirely surprising, as Space Adventure Cobra remains extremely popular in France. French director Alexandre Aja also announced acquisition of the rights to, and intent to make, a live-action adaptation in 2010, although this project is as yet unrealised.