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Whilst the comic world relaxes after the news explosion that was San Diego Comic Con the team at the BGCP soldier on as they hosted the South Lanarkshire Comic Con at the Murray Owen Centre this past weekend and for those that attended know this was one of our best to date with loads of stalls crammed with comics and toys, original artwork and a visit from the very talented Head of Medusa Cosplay and Props who helped judge the cosplay competition.


You can check out the rest of the photographs taken by Hairy Monster Digital Arts here.



On the news front it has been all eyes on the Suicide Squad, a film that took a serious beating from certain review outlets, you can check out our own review here. Were the reviews correct? Well whilst it had similar editing and pacing problems to Batman v Superman and also some lacklustre action scenes overall it was an enjoyable superhero movie that did not deserve the critical slaughter it received.


One of the more popular manga series Death Note is currently getting yet another adaptation, this time by Netflix who have already shown they are more than capable and with the recent announcement of Willem Dafoe as the voice of the apple loving Ryuk, this has become yet another one to watch out for.

Death Note

Not much else is expected to drop this week news wise, probably due to a certain Star Wars films trailer arriving on Thursday which we will post as soon as it drops, so in the meantime, check out this recently released Doctor Strange TV spot.