Official preview released for new Berserk anime project

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An official preview has been released for the new Berserk anime project, set to adapt the ‘Black Swordsman’ arc from the long running dark fantasy manga:

Currently in production with its release date set only for ‘2016’, details of staff, studio and even the format for the new anime have yet to be confirmed, although it appears that the same hybrid 2D/3D cgi animation technique used by Studio 4°C in their 2012-13 Berserk film trilogy will be used again.

The Black Swordsman arc covers the first three volumes of the Berserk manga, in which vengeful one-armed, one-eyed mercenary Guts hunts for the God Hand, a group of five all-powerful demons whose influence has cast the world into turmoil and to whom Guts’s fate is inextricably linked.

Despite being the first to be published, the new anime will mark the first time this arc has been properly adapted, as both the 1997-98 Berserk tv series and the later films concentrate on the subsequent ‘Golden Age’ arc. In the manga, however, the Golden Age was told in flashback, so in the series chronology, this new anime will pick up where both previous versions ended.