Review: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade Vol. 1

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Adventures in the Rifle Brigade Vol. 1

Publisher: Image Comics

Collection: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade #1-3Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bullock #1-3

Writer/Co-Creator: Garth Ennis

Cover/Comic Artist and Co-Creator: Carlos Ezquerra

Original Covers: Brian Bolland and Glenn Fabry

Colorists: Patricia Mulvihill and Kevin Somers

Letterer: Clem Robbins

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade Vol. 1

The art team on Adventures in the Rifle Brigade Vol. 1 is amazing. Carlos Ezquerra, co-creator of Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, in particular has really grown as an artist. Consequently his presentation is leaps and bounds better since his days on Judge Dredd. Yet another co-creation of Ezquerra. Because of this added maturity Ezquerra’s lines are much more decisive and deliberate now. I was very impressed. Patricia Mulvihill and Kevin Somers did a great job coloring Adventures in the Rifle Brigade as well. They make good color choices and complimenting definition in their color schemes. Thus the coloring really adds depth and life to the panels. In addition, the original covers by Brian Bolland and Glenn Fabry were awesome. The covers were very bold and full of character.

Another person who has grown in his skill is letterer Clem Robbins. Compared to his previous works, Robbins’ letters were very precise and consistent. I also really enjoyed the font that he chose for Adventures in the Rifle Brigade. It was easy to read and he chose to use good size letters. This created a feel that seemed to fit nicely with the story.

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade Vol. 1

Garth Ennis is one of my favorite authors of all time. And justifiably so as he is an Eisner Award winning writer (Best Writer 1998). As seen in his other works (Preacher, Punisher, Fury, The Boys) Garth Ennis is a master of ultraviolence and black, morbid humor. Thus, Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, is no exception to this standard. You can tell that Garth Ennis truly has a love for stories of war and violence. In addition he seems to have a love for classic American cinema. Thus I picked up influences from old, and now classic, westerns and war movies. This is seen in spades as we follow the Adventures of the Rifle Brigade through WWII.

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade

The Rifle Brigade is a six-man team, consisting of the best men the British armed forces has to offer.

1. Captain the Honorable Hugo “Khyber” Darcy. He is a true warrior with a lust for honor and glory.

2. Second Lieutenant Cecil “Doubtful” Milk. Doubtful is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and an accomplished pilot.

3. Sergeant Crumb. He is the largest man in the British armed forces and an “expert neck-wringer.” He’s also crazier than a bag of cats.

4. Corporal Geezer, a tried and convicted mass murderer (413 kills). His sentence was waived for joining the Rifle Brigade. He, like Groot, only says one thing, “Yer aht of ordah!” in a “ghastly working class accent.”

5. Hank the Yank, a former American who changed his citizenship to the U.K. so he could fight. At that point America had not joined the fight. Hank also has a repeated phrase, “Gawd Dammit!” which he says while smoking and chewing on his huge cigar.

6. The Piper. The Piper is a 108 year old Scottish man who is far from aged and feeble. He plays bagpipes capable of making people bleed from their eyes, nose and ears.

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Adventures in the Rifle Brigade Vol. 1

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade Vol. 1








        • Good and entertaining story
        • Awesome Ennis black comedy
        • Great artwork
        • Good WWII stories


        • Overly repeated lines
        • Poor character development