Review: Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

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Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist and Cover: Ryan Sook

Colors: Jeremy Lawson (pages #1-15, #20); Tony Avina (pages #16-19)

Letters: Travis Lanham

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

I really enjoyed the artwork of Ryan Sook for Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1. It was highly detailed with the backgrounds and layouts. The characters themselves were understated by comparison. But this had the effect of making the characters jump out of the pages. This is both unique and inventive. The coloring work by Jeremy Lawson and Tony Avina was good. Their color choices added to Sook’s illusion of life. They chose bolder colors for the characters, which was nice. The background colors were, not subtle, but less pronounced than the characters. The whole artistic team on this book did pretty good.

Batman Beyond: rebirth #1

Dan Jurgens is a great writer. I have always enjoyed his previous works, particularly his work on Thor and Spider-Man over at Marvel. I was pleasantly surprised to find him bringing his talents to this title. I had not read Jurgens take on the DCU up until this point. Jurgens did not let me down. As he has proved in his other works, the scope of Jurgens’ writing is huge and world-shaking. His dialogue is always great, informative and yet very natural.

Dan Jurgens’ work here on Batman Beyond: Rebirth looks to be more of the same great work we’ve come to expect. His story is gripping and very entertaining. Plus, the end of this book has one hell of a cliffhanger that will leave the reader sitting there with their mouths hanging open. Then, once they have recovered, dying to read issue #2. That was my reaction anyways.

batman beyond: rebirth #1

In Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 Terry McGinnis aka Batman of Neo-Gotham is back from the dead. But he’s been gone a while and readjusting to things hasn’t been easy. His mother dead, his father murdered and his former love interest has already moved on. As Batman, Terry McGinnis is also on his own as Bruce Wayne is no longer around. Bruce used to drive him nuts. But now that he is gone Terry misses him.

While out on patrol Batman comes across a group of Jokerz, a vicious gang of Joker-enthusiasts. But these Jokerz aren’t after just spreading chaos anymore like they were in the past. They’ve moved up in the world. And while they are still criminals, they are now seeking more lucrative ventures and business opportunities. In addition, the Jokerz now answer to one man, and one man alone. A mysterious man known only as the Boss. We also get a recap of McGinnis’ origins as Batman. Virtually, exactly what happened on the show – which is where Batman Beyond comes from.

batman beyond: rebirth #1

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Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1








        • Great story
        • Good art
        • One hell of a cliffhanger


        • Seemed a little short