Review – Battlestar Galactica: Six #4

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Publisher: Dynamite

Writer: J.T. Krul

Artist: Rod Rodolfo

Colours: Alex Guimaraes

Cover: Jenny Frison

Six, or “Eve” as she goes by, finds herself struggling with what to believe in BattleStar Galactica: Six #4

The story continues from previous issues with “Eve” coming closer to understanding just who, and what, she is, and the moral dilemma that brings as she starts to learn she is not like all the people around her but in fact a Cylon. The issue works as a stop-gap in the narrative, a good way to catch your breath before it goes rushing in to the conclusion of the final issue. This does not do it any favours as a single issue alone though. The start is begrudgingly slow. While this mellowed out pacing helps you become more attached to Six, and give her time to explore her thoughts on life and theology the way the story starts to sprint and move at the end is an odd choice, as if the plot its self was having a rest before running along again. What you are left with is a story that focuses too long on the build up that it runs out of time for what it was building up too. While the conversation about her current identity of “Eve” are interesting and help to build more of her character and an understanding of her back story. Krul should have chosen to have this issue focus on either the character building or action, but the awkward split between the two hasn’t worked at all in all we are left with is a story that is as much a confused about its identity as Six herself.

There’s not much that I can really say about Rodolfo’s art work here. It is solid and it gets the job done but nothing really stands out all too well. Much of the artwork is simplistic and minimalistic, and sometimes has a problem keeping proportions correct. The minimalistic style works great for the fast pace scenes, it leaves little for your eye to focus on except the immediate action and makes it feel just as fast as it would if it were live action, but for the long, dialogue focused parts it makes some of the pages just feel empty. There is also a strange sequence in the bedroom where the window seems to move position between panels and doesn’t seem to be casting the shadows that it should be. Apart from a few mistakes the art is fine but for a slow-moving piece like most of this is, there should have been more development on the backgrounds.

Battlestar Galactica: Six is an interesting chapter in the lore. Allowing for a greater development of Six, or “Eve”, and to see just where she came from and became to be the way she is in the show. The biggest problem with this issue is that it doesn’t quite know what exactly it wants to be and doesn’t balance the slow building scenes with the quick action ones, creating a piece that feels disjointed, but shows promise. As It does both aspects fine I hope that the conclusion is able to strike a better balance of the two and be more fulling.