Review: Bill and Ted Go To Hell #1

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Go To Hell

Publisher: Boom!
Writer: Brian Joines
Artist: Bachan
Letters: Jim Campbell

Bill and Ted Go To Hell looks amazing! This was my first impression.
Bill and Ted Go To Hell IS amazing! This was my final impression.

You shouldn’t need any help getting excited about a Bill and Ted comic. The franchise is perfectly suited to comics. If you do need help, however, just look at the front cover and try not to yell “WYLD STALLYNS!!” This could easily be one of my favourite front covers of any comic I’ve read. The job of a front cover is to demand that you pick up this issue. Anyone who loved the original Bill & Ted movies will see everything they loved about those two characters in this cover.

Still not good enough? On page 1, Death…is playing board games! This is already awesome.

I want to start by covering the artwork. I respect the heck out of Bill & Ted Go To Hell. It’s typical to see comics based on movies or TV shows try to base the character appearances on the actors who played them. Most of the time it doesn’t work and you end up disappointing, caricature looking characters. That’s why it’s so excellent that Bachan has gone for a more typical comic/cartoon style. It also makes far more sense to go this route with the lead characters in mind. Why go realistic with such cartoonish characters as Bill and Ted? You can’t really expect realistic with a title like Bill and Ted Go To Hell either. Though if someone could pull off a realistic depiction of Death that would be well worth seeing. Bachan made the 100% perfect choice with the art in this one.


The story is perfect. It feels like the next logical (sort of) progression in the Bill and Ted arc. If you were making a third movie – which supposedly they are – this is the direction you might consider going.

Think of everything you loved about both Bill and Ted movies. It’s all here. The princesses are back, Rufus is back, Station is/are (?) back. There are so many amazing moments and cameos in this issue that to name even one feels like it would be spoiling the whole thing but fair warning – Colonol Oats puts in an appearance alongside the scariest Easter Bunny and grandmother ever to appear in cinema. Granny S. Preston Esq. looks even more terrifying than she did in Bogus Journey if it’s at all possible.


One of my favourite things about Bill and Ted Go To Hell is how easy it was to slide back into their world. You can hear every character’s voice in your head as you read, with no exceptions, but the highlights are Ted and Rufus. Keanu Reeves’ ‘Ted’ voice is always hilarious to me and hearing the sound of George Carlin’s voice again all these years after his death – even just in the imagination – is a reminder of how awesome he was. And that’s the success of Go To Hell. It’s so well written and the tone is so perfect that it’s not until after you’re finished reading you realise you haven’t been hearing the voices at all.

Also, I deny anyone to read Bill and Ted Go To Hell and not have a huge smile on their face when Rufus shows up.

The sneaky references to the movies are a great and genuinely funny touch. Some of them are blatant while others are easy to miss and it’s the latter that really worked for me. Whether it’s Death practising board games, Joan of Arc’s new project or the totally awesome last few pages you will instantly want to go and watch both Bill and Ted movies back to back.

There really isn’t a lot more to be said without spoiling things so to sum up in one word; Bill and Ted Go To Hell is EXCELLENT!