Review: Birthright #9

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Birthright 9 cover

Publisher: Image Comics
Creator/Writer: Joshua Williamson
Creator/Artist: Andrei Bressan
Colourist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Pat Brosseau

Birthright 9 interior 1

This issue of Birthright from start to finish is nothing other than explosive, I do not say that lightly. With so many intertwining storylines in this series, in this issue several of these arcs are opened up to a whole new level. The main storyline of Mikey working along with/under the control of the long thought dead Lore comes to a head with a bit of a huge twist. This was something I had waited to see for several issues, a true explanation of the relationship between Mikey and Lore. The downfall of Mikey, the hero of Terrenos, being under the eye of Lore has been without a doubt the best aspect to this series. In this issue we see a hell of a lot more action than any other issue of Birthright to date, Mikey taking the daggers to the Diviner with everything on the line! Brennan unconscious from being shot, Mikey has to pull out everything to ensure he takes down the Diviner’s forces.

With everything happening in this issue it is a sure sight that the next issue is set to tie up this story arc with a couple of bigger explosive points to be blown open. The main issue is sure to be the downfall of Mikey and the rise of Lore being in control of him, it’s been coming since issue two of the series due to little hints dropped every single issue, will this carry over to the next arc? Judging from the preview of next issues cover, it is possible that this is the case.

Birthright 9 interior 2Birthright 9 interior 3

The art by Andrei Bressan is off the chart once again, this entire arc has been on point and by bringing parts of the world of Terrenos into Earth we get to see this strange world almost overriding our own. The colour palette used for the Diviner and its forces is insanely breathtaking, the neon colours help to separate these characters from everything around them to show their origin is not of Earth. Joshua Williamson has been on the ball the last few episodes with dropping hints of where the next story arc is going to go, slowly teasing little drops of information, it’s clear that the next story arc or two will be filled to the brim with a few shocks and surprises.