Review: Black Science #20

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Matteo Scalera
Colours: Moreno Dinisio
Letters: Rus Wooton

Dimension hopping, war-torn battlefields and a Millipede death cult fixing to wipe out everything in their path. Some would say that is a recipe for a bad day. For Grant McKay it just another river to cross on his journey to reunite with his lost family.

Black Science #20 is the penultimate chapter in the current Godworld arc. The arc has so far been a grim exploration of Grant McKay’s psyche. There has been many revelations of what drives the character and an in-depth exploration of his deep-rooted neurosis. The previous issue ended with Grant coming to terms with these issues and finding new resolve to find his family and make the journey home. Picking up from there, Black Science #20 sees Grant crash his dimension pillar in one of the dimensions previously visited. Led there by the homing beacon on Ward’s suit, Grant finds that the handheld pillar that was lost to now be under the control of the Millipede Death Cult that the Dimensionauts escaped from earlier in their travels.


After the dark and psychologically intense chapters that preceded it, Black Science #20 is a welcome change of pace. Whilst there are moments of reflection within it, the issue is action heavy. It’s focus on a steel willed Grant McKay who no longer runs from his mistakes and takes ownership of the chaos he has caused, however Remender does well to sow the odd seed of doubt within his lead that Grant’s transition to hero is far more believable within the context of comic book storytelling. There is a refreshing taste to the new Grant Mckay. He has pulled himself from the depths of despair by focusing on his family. The positive attitude also allows him to see how the Dimensionauts have damaged the Onion (that’s the multiverse in case you haven’t been keeping up) and understand how he has to fix things.


There are few superlatives left that can be awarded to the artwork of this series. Matteo Scalera is producing some of the best work of his career. He captures the tiniest of details with such ease that they bring the page to life. Coupled with Dinisio’s colours, Scalera’s artwork allows Black Science to remain one of the most thrillingly vibrant books on the shelves.

Whilst Black Science #20 is not quite as powerful an issue as the previous issues in the arc, it is still a solid chapter in the canon. On to the finale of Godworld and what is building up to be spectacular conclusion to the arc.