Review : Bob’s Burgers #3

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Bob’s Burgers #3


Publisher: Dynamite
Writers: Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen, Chad Brewster
Art: Damon Wong, Tony Gennaro, Frank Forte, Kat Kosmala
Cover Art: Devin Roth
Letterer: Hector Reynoso, Tony Gennaro, Kat Kosmala, Frank Forte
Colours:Derek Schroeder, Tony Gennaro, Kat Kosmala



It is difficult to address this comic as it all depends how you take the humour in Bob’s Burgers to begin with. As for me, I happen to be a casual fan of the show, much in the same way as Family guuy now. If its on, I’ll give it a watch, enjoy a few of the jokes and stories, and that will be that.

Bob’s Burgers revolves around an animated family (isn’t that always the way nowadays?) who run a fast food restaurant and all the odd mad-cap adventures that happen to them. This family consists of Bob, his wife Linda, and their children, Tina, the neurotic teenage girl, gene, the hyper-active young boy, and their youngest, Louise, who traverses the thin line between adorable child and little devil.

So now, this animated series has its own comic book series, and much like The Simpsons comics, Bob’s Burgers follows suit in that each comic is not one main story but merely a series of events and sight gags for its fans.

In Bob’s Burgers #3 we are given three stories revolving around the three children: Trick Shot Tina, in which Tina fantasizes about being the fasted gun in (most of) the West; Who Forted? in whihc Louise goes out the extra mile when building a Box fort; and Guys & Frogs, in which Gene brings his new friend home to predicably disasterous results. Also withing are one of bob’s New Burger Ideas, and a Letter from Linda complaining to one of her frequent web pages.

The good points the comic has going for it is the artwork, which matches the rather ugly style of the show but has moments were it can be extra expressive and energetic. The characters eyes and facial expressions become a lot bigger and more funny as a result. The letterers also have fun giving each character their own unique style which helps imagine their diverse speaking qualities, however it can prove to be jarring in large clusters.

What is primarily lacking in the comic is the shows style of comedy. Now that is not to say that the tales and stories in Bob’s Burgers #3 are un-funny or that the characters personalities don’t match. In Who Forted? Louise’s energy and almost psychotic obsession is very fitting and feels like how a story forrm the show would play out, with her making these ridiculous arguments against her dad. Even Gene’s gross-ness and lack of care comes through in both Who Fprted and Guy 7 Frogs, in whihc the abundance of amphibian life in his bathroom is like a dream come true. The problem is that the TV show is full of long, seemingly nonsense converstations with the family and that is where its comedy shines, when the whole family is in a room trying to communicate. These stories are simply ridiculous situations with very little in terms of laugh-out out pay off.

However, as I said, the characters do have the same personalities that make thme funny and the non-sequiters are amusing in their own right, but over-all Bob’s Burgers #3, and by extension the comic book series, is just a copy of the Simpsons comic style and trying to prove itself as a competitor. unless your a fan of the show, it is doubtful it will appeal to you.