Review: Chew #48

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Chew 48 cover

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Letters: John Layman
Art: Rob Guillory
Colour Assists: Taylor Wells

This issue of Chew sees the return of Mike Applebee and Caeser Valenzano, and as the series has a way with characters returning from near death or from being dismembered, their returns are done in the same hilarious and outlandish style. If you thought the return of John Colby was ridiculous, wait until you see the two war torn agents return, you will laugh yourself silly. This issue does feel like a filler issue, but that’s the magic with Chew, filler issues in this series usually come off as ridiculously amazing, and this issue does not disappoint. With the events of last issue, Mason Savoy has gone missing, along with Olive and Amelia, the daughter and wife of our lead character Tony Chu.

Chew 48 interior 1

The three characters have disappeared from the hospital Mason and Olive were being treated at following the huge throw down with The Vampire in issue #45. It does not take long before we are taken on a journey of ass kicking, and yes, another power. This power clearly has some room to jiggle about…..and I am sad to say, is not all that strange if I am being honest, the creative team have moulded and allowed this power to set……(SOMEONE STOP ME BEFORE I MAKE MORE JELLY JOKES!). How John Layman and Rob Guillory come up with all these powers is incredible and ridiculous, it makes me think they go through the contents of a kitchen trying to use food in the most comical way to use it as a weapon!

Chew 48 interior 2

The art in Chew is truly some of the best and kookiest in comics today. Rob Guillory has the touch, the magic touch to turn a facial expression into the most, over the top, exaggerated expression there can be; this is one of the best aspects of this series being as outlandish as it is! The colour assist of Taylor Wells brings everything to life. I love that the minor details like Applebee always has sweat stains, somehow I never noticed that he always had them before, with the cover of this issue pointing them out right front and centre. 

Chew 48 interior 3