Review: Chew #49

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Chew 49 cover

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Letters: John Layman
Art: Rob Guillory
Colour Assists: Taylor Wells

This issue of Chew is the final issue in the “Blood Pudding” story arc, and also the final issue before it all kicks off in issue fifty next month! It is safe to say that there are many things that have been teased in the run up to this issue. In this issue we finally have the return of POYO! The carcass of him anyway, and with that being said, is someone going to eat a decaying rooster carcass? The story for issue forty-nine doesn’t only revolve around the return of the body of Poyo, it also has Toni finally tracing down his former partner, former detective Mason, who left the hospital with Toni’s daughter and wife to track down the whereabouts of the Vampire after having their assess kicked and ripped apart in issues forty-four/forty-five. It would also be wise to say that the tagline for this issue could be “the shit hit the fan”, with each scenario shown even more ridiculous and over the top than the last. With that being said, if you are a betting man, it’s an odds on favourite that issue fifty will be even more explosive than anything previously in Chew!

Chew 49 interior 1

If I had a hat on right now, I’d be taking it off to show appreciation towards Rob Guillory’s art. In my opinion there are few artists whose artwork is recognisable and stands out in the comic book industry, but Rob Guillory is one of them. Plus, the artwork in this title always finds a way to kill me, this book has caused me to cry while laughing, it deserves every award available! This guy is consistently hitting it out of the park with each and every issue, you can tell that every panel Rob draws is filled with emotion and his passion. As said previously Chew is one of the few books with the kookiest art in comics today. The title is a complete exaggeration, but the art is the overly ridiculous cherry on the cake. Taylor Wells on colour assist has done a grand job in making this issue in the arc stand out, with more darker tones in the latter panels.

Chew 49 interior 2Chew 49 interior 3