Review: Copperhead #10

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jay Faerber
Art, Cover: Scott Godlewski
Colours: Ron Riley
Lettering: Thomas Mauer


After a meeting during which a Lieutenant Ford decides to fly to Jasper – the planet on which the town of Copperhead is – in order to anticipate Clay, whom we have seen leaving prison some issues ago, Copperhead #9 focuses on the posse organised by Sheriff Clara Bronson in order to rescue her Deputy Budroxifinicus, kidnapped by a gang of criminals for no apparent reason. She leads a group of three arties (artificial men), two of which work for the owner of the local copper mine Hickory, and Cletus, the son of Clara’s son’s baby-sitter. One of the arties dies rescuing Cletus, who then leads the way into the Bastion, the infamous citadel inhabited only by criminals – where he is welcomed by his older brother Floyd.


Issue #10, that concludes this second story arc, opens with Floyd recognising Clara – who manages to persuade him, with a look and a few words, to leave her alone. Meanwhile, the men (and creatures) who kidnapped Budroxifinicus are discussing his destiny: should they kill him or keep him alive for leverage? Leverage to what end, by the way?

As mentioned above, this issue marks the conclusion of the second story arc in Copperhead – after which, as is by now usual, the authors will take a small break before starting a new one, that is already anticipated in the last panels of this #10.

The conclusion to this story is quite satisfactory, pretty surprising and shocking; sure the relationships between some of the main characters in Copperhead will not be the same after what happens in this issue.


Story and art are, as usual, up to the highest standards, with Jay Faerber crafting an excellent series of events and turns masterfully illustrated by Scott Godlewski – who once again reveals unbelievable skills especially when depicting non-human creatures, which he makes seem fully realistic.

As usual, the final instalment in a story arc is not exactly the best issue to read in order to start getting acquainted with a series. I would rather suggest to wait for the Trade Paperback collection – or, even better, to get the Trade Paperback of the first story arc, already out.