Review: Creeple Peeple

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Publisher: IDW
Writers: Matt Anderson, Patrick Pidgeon
Artist: Tim  Lattie
Colourist: Diego Rodriguez 

Creeple Peeple is a new mini-series following a group of misfit science students at college who accidentally create a group of mischievous trolls in a lab. Collecting all three chapters in a single volume, this Scooby-Doo-esque mystery romp is a fun little concept but seems a little confused in it’s delivery.

From the very first scene you know exactly what you’re in for as the mustachioed villain cackles gleefully as he uncovers an instrument of evil in the gloom of English countryside in 1938. Skipping ahead to present day we’re introduced to our heroes: three nerdy science students desperate to get more funding for their department at Aberdasher college. There’s the classic awkward nerd Peabo, the straight Theresa or T Ray, and the leader of the hapless trio is the lazy but brilliant Spigs. With the help of Professor Bodkins, the three endeavour to pull off an amazing scientific contribution before their degrees are nullified and they themselves are kicked out of the college. Unfortunately, even with all their brains these three manage to spawn a group of trolls, or Creeples, instead. A scientific marvel itself, but one that proves more problematic than they initially thought. Meanwhile the evil Dean Smathers seems to be no good and dabbling with the occult. It’s all a bit silly but that’s the point!

The story is very simple but writers Anderson and Pidgeon are intent on complicating it as much as possible with loads of pointless scientific waffle that means little to the reader and is isn’t important to the plot whatsoever. The entire first issue so dedicated to the gang devising every detail of their experiment that it boils down to pages upon pages of boring jibberish (as a science student myself it is actually painful to read in places). These three characters do work well together but talk far too much. Maybe a character flaw or a flaw in the script but either way it’s a little irritating.

When the creeples finally make an appearance the story gets a lot more fun and interesting but so much of the actual plot is crammed into the final two issues that it feels a bit too rushed. Truly I would like to know more about the occult storyline rather than wasting so much time on the kid geniuses. The other side characters spend very little time in spotlight which is a shame especially with Professor Bodkins whose fascinating backstory is heavily alluded to but wasted in the story. Even the creeples, the titular characters, aren’t given that much attention.

With all that said, Creeple Peeple isn’t a bad story. It’s full of fun and silly moments with nice cartoony artwork, but it  just wastes a lot of time on the wrong things.