Review: Descender #11

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art, Colours, Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Lettering: Steve Wands


In Descender #10, TIM-21, Captain Telsa and Dr. Quon were taken to Robot City, a place that no biological being had never seen before; which created an issue: Telsa and Quon can’t stay there, but they can’t be allowed to leave either. The leader of the Hardwire, the revolutionary group fighting for robot rights, suggests to run some checks on TIM-21, who experienced something that in theory no robot ever should experience: dreams. TIM-21 accepts the necessity of such tests. Meanwhile, on planet Gnish, Andy – one of the best scrappers (robot hunters) around who also happens to have been TIM-21’s human companion – finds his old dog-bot Bandit, who is linked to TIM-21 by some kind of tracking system. Such a system, however, is one-way, from TIM-21 to Bandit, and can only be reversed by the best technicians. One of them is Andy’s ex wife, who is now a cyborg and the leader of The Between, an outlaw gang of half-human, half-robot creatures like her.


Issue #11 opens in Robot City, where the robot scientists are running tests on TIM-21 with the help of Dr. Quon; they seem unable to find any abnormality that could explain the child-bot’s “dreams”. Psius, the leader of The Hardwire, seems to dislike Quon – not only because he is human: the Doctor appears to know something about the robot’s past, as he recognises it as a certain model…

Descender concludes here its second story arc, Machine Moon. The last pages in this issue and in this arc are more than shocking. Obviously I will not anticipate anything, but the turn of events is… ah, read it, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.


As every time I talk about Descender, I must spare a word for Dustin Nguyen’s art. OK, more than a word. The man actually paints every single frame. Watercolours. It is honestly amazing.

As usual, I would not advise to start reading a series from the last issue in a story arc, so probably this shouldn’t be your first Descender: you’d miss far too much of the story if you started from here. So, either find the previous issues or wait for the collected Trade Paperback. Don’t forget about it, though!