Review: Descender #12

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art, Colours, Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Lettering: Steve Wands


Two months ago, at the end of issue #11 that concluded the second story arc in Descender, we had left the sweet companion-bot TIM-21 with his “brother”, TIM-22. But, in the very last scene of the arc, we saw that TIM-22 is not like his “predecessor”: after showing him that, in Robot City, the Hardwire are building robots exactly like those that nearly destroyed humanity about a decade before, he pushes TIM-21 to his death. Or so we think, at least. We’ll see how it goes on. Meanwhile, Captain Telsa and Dr. Quon – TIM-21’s rescuers – are close to being sacrificed, but Quon has an idea that will at least delay their deaths. We also see Andy, the best robot hunter in the galaxy, asking for help to find TIM-21, who was his companion-bot as a child. But the half-human, half-robot people he asked for help are under attack.


Here begins the third story arc in Descender, Singularities. We open with a flashback to ten years ago, months before the destruction brought by robots; we meet TIM-22, following a well-dressed man to his father’s home. The elderly man seems extremely wary of the small robot, and mistreats him (it?). Maybe this explains TIM-22’s misanthropy…

We are gently eased back into the main story in Descender through the long flashback I mentioned earlier… but of course there will be interesting developments before the end of this issue.


As always, Jeff Lemire’s story is deep and complex, full of well devised and never pointless details that make Descender incredibly interesting – really one of a kind. And the uniqueness of this series is enhanced by Dustin Nguyen’s art. As you can see from the images that illustrate this review, each and every frame is a watercolour, and a beautiful one at that. I can’t recall another regular series that can display anything similar.

Even ignoring the amazing art, anyway, Descender is a good series to get into. And this is the first issue in a new story arc – the right one to start. Perfect chance!

Descender 12

Descender 12








        • Magnificent art
        • Compelling story
        • Care for detail
        • Interesting characters


        • Slow to take off
        • Long flashback
        • Two subplots ignored