Review: Descender #15

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Descender #15

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art, Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Lettering: Steve Wands

In issue #14 of Descender, scrapper (that is, robot hunter) Andy, with the help of his ex wife, the now leader of the cyborg resistance group The Between, managed to reverse engineer the tracking program inside Bandit, a dog-bot that used to belong to him as a small boy, in order to track down his old bot-friend TIM-21, who is now in the greedy hands of the robot resistance group The Hardwire. They have somehow discovered that inside TIM-21 hides the code to recreate the Harvesters, the enormous robots that, ten years previously, appeared out of nowhere and partially destroyed humankind. The Hardwire wish to bring them back in order to completely wipe out man, so they can take over.


Issue #15 opens, as it seems to be Jeff Lemire’s habit in this story arc, with a flashback. We see young Andy, who has been sent by his mother from the mining planet they lived on to a refugee camp, realise (or rather, be told) that he won’t see his mommy again. He also meets a girl his age, named Effie, who will become his wife. We follow them through a bunch of flashbacks that get us closer to the story’s present time… but I won’t anticipate what transpires in them, I don’t want to spoil any surprises.

The next issue of Descender will bring this story arc, Singularities, to a close. In it, some momentous things have happened – but, above all, we have discovered who all the main characters are, what is their motivation, what moves their actions. A great idea by the author, who makes us care more about the men (and bots) we read about.


As always, the highlight of this issue – like any other – is Dustin Nguyen’s art. The story is interesting, but the watercolours that illustrate it are something else. You can see, nearly sense the thick paper the artist has used to paint this story on, notice every detail, enjoy every touch. It’s something special.

Descender 15

Descender 15








        • Outstanding art
        • Captivating characters


        • Slow moving story
        • Flashback issue