Review: Descender #16

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Descender #16

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art, Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Lettering: Steve Wands

Issue #15 of Descender showed us the story of Andy and his (ex) wife Effie. They met as children, just after Andy was forced to leave his mother (and TIM-21) behind; as teenagers they fell in love and ran away together to become scrappers – robot hunters. But one day, after Andy destroyed numerous peaceful bots, Effie left him to join a pro-bot group. During a not-so-peaceful protest, she fell into a pit full of something very much like molten lava, and lost an arm and part of her face. At that point she joined The Between, a group of cyborgs that ended up making her their leader, under the name of Queen Between. At the end of the issues, while Effie and Andy talk, the Gnishians bomb the planet – and kill every member of The Between except for their Queen.


Issue #16 opens, once again, with a flashback like every issue in this story arc. We are back on Dirishu, the planet Andy had to leave when the Harvesters arrived to destroy (most of) mankind, the one where in issue #1 we found TIM-21. The colony receives two bots – one of them will soon be nicknamed “Scoops” by its grumpy owner; the other… Driller. Yes, the same Driller that will, in issue #2 of Descender, help TIM-21 to leave the planet.


In this issue we find out something very, very interesting about industrial bots, something I will not reveal here to avoid spoilers; and then… the story arc ends. Yes, very little actually happened in the story’s present, but now we know. Now we know a lot. Maybe too much. Want to get paranoid? Because… Driller is a killer, you know. Driller is a real killer.

…erm, sorry.

Descender is a wild ride. Sometimes slow, often intimate, but never boring, exposing a very interesting, very peculiar view of the world. It is a very, very interesting series. Definitely worth a read, maybe starting from the Trade Paperback of this arc that I’m sure will be released soon.

Descender 16

Descender 16








        • Great art
        • Nice story
        • Good characters


        • Flashback issue
        • The story doesn't seem to progress
        • Slow pace