Review: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: The Interconnectedness of All Things

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Layout 1

Publisher: IDW
Writer: Chris Ryall
Art: Tony Akins and Ilias Kyriazis
Colours: Leonard O’Grady
Letterer: Robbie Robbins and Shawn Lee

Dirk Gently is the lesser known creation of writer Douglas Adams famous for the trilogy of 5 parts, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. After Adams death in 2001 the series grew from its cult status and has been adapted by the BBC for radio (with Harry Enfield), TV (this time with Stephen Mangan) as well as a stage play in LA and BBC America recently announced a new Dirk Gently series for 2016 written by Max Landis. These adaptations however have all been based on the original stories written by the author. IDW’s 2015 series collected here is a new story written by Chris Ryall and attempts here to recreate Douglas Adams original writing style.

Does Chris Ryall manage to capture this style in this new Dirk Gently story? Well not really. While the story does manage to live up to its title where everything that happens happens for a reason however it fails to capture the magic and surrealism of the original tales. The first two parts of the comic don’t work well sequentially either as all the other parts move smoothly into the next. Where the in between of parts 1 and 2 seem to be missing a chunk of storytelling especially since part 1 has such a big reveal at the end of it.

The artwork is good. It’s solid but where it really stands out is helping ensure that the title of this comic works. Tony Akins and Ilias Kyriazis’s art bring attention to the reader of the small features and events of the story that are essentially for the end and proving the interconnectedness of all things in life. One complaint of the artwork here is that Dirk in the books is a small, pudgy man who wears cardigans and has thick spectacles. The Dirk the reader is presented with is heavily inspired by David Tennant’s 10th Doctor taking his style and some of his mannerisms.

Apart from this the comic is well written and is worth reading if you are an Adams fan and would like to see more of his other creations.