Review: The Discipline #3

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Peter Milligan
Art, Cover: Leandro Fernández
Colours: Cris Peter
Lettering: Simon Bowland


In issue #2 of The Discipline, Melissa had a confrontation with her new lover Orlando, who is not entirely human – he is part of something he calls “The Discipline”. After their discussion she nearly rapes her estranged (and very rich) husband, who is obviously terrified by the fact, then goes back to Orlando for some initiation – that apparently has quite a lot to do with sex and BDSM. She loses consciousness and wakes up on the street, naked. Her husband decides to move (with her, he can’t afford the social stigma linked to a separation) away from Manhattan, but Melissa runs away from him. She rejoins Orlando (again), who leads her to her friend Bliss’s flat. The woman has just been killed by a Satyr, which Orlando fights after a transformation into… something. Melissa transforms into the same creature, and helps him in the fight. The Satyr tells her that it’s the Discipline to be evil… then Orlando stabs her.


Issue #3 opens with Melissa’s last words. But Orlando explains: she’s not dying, she simply is becoming a full member of the Discipline. After the change her dog, her only confidant, starts attacking her.

The Discipline is a… weird series. It is extremely edgy and, with sex being a central topic (it is used by both sides of this battle, the Discipline and the Satyrs – also called Stalkers – as a means for recruitment), it is definitely for adults, even though there aren’t many depictions of… well, parts of the human anatomy that are generally considered not fit for public display.


The story is complex and somehow shocking, and the art follows suit – it is slightly unrealistic, giving the whole of The Discipline a kind of a dreamlike feel, where not everything looks real but it all seems to be happening…

I suppose it’s worth giving this series a try… if you have the guts to!