Review: The Discipline #4

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Peter Milligan
Art, Cover: Leandro Fernández
Colours: Cris Peter
Lettering: Simon Bowland

That awkward moment in your month when The Discipline arrives and you try to understand what is really going on. Let’s start with seeing what happened until now.


OK, here it goes. Melissa is a young, pretty woman unsatisfied with her sex life: her rich husband pretty much ignores her. So she finds a lover, a fellow arts enthusiast named Orlando. But Orlando is not human: he is part of something called the Discipline, a group (organisation?) Melissa is also forced to join. And her initiation is extremely sexual.

In issue #3, we see Melissa die, killed by Orlando, only to be reborn as a full member of the Discipline. After that happens, her dog attacks her leaving her only one choice: kill her favourite pet, her only confidant. She is then brought before the Discipline… leaders, I suppose. They live (if they are alive at all, as we don’t know what they are) in Ancient Rome. Melissa confronts them, especially when they ask her to remain with the husband she really wants to dump, as he is rich and the Discipline needs money. Back to the present day, Melissa meets up with her old friend Bliss – who has been taken over by a Satyr, the Discipline’s sworn enemies. As she sleeps, drunk, ignoring Orlando’s telepathic calls, the Satyr (or Stalker, they seem to have two names) hangs her from the ceiling, upside down.
Issue #4 opens where #3 closed: with the former Bliss verbally tormenting Melissa, who tries to find traces of her friend inside the Satyr. Meanwhile, her husband is looking for her and Orlando goes in front of the Discipline to discuss her behaviour.


So; as I said at the start, The Discipline is a pretty complex series, often slightly too much so, even though things seem to be getting slowly clearer now. Although, if you asked me to tell you what it’s about, I’d probably mutter something on the lines of “creatures… sex… controlling… war…”.

Jokes aside, this is a very peculiar series, interesting and convoluted, with art to match. Give it a try but remember… The Discipline is definitely NSFW!

The Discipline #4

The Discipline #4








        • Innovative style
        • Unusual concept


        • Complex story
        • Chaotic plot