Review: The Discipline #5

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The Discipline #5

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Peter Milligan
Art, Cover: Leandro Fernández
Colours: Cris Peter
Lettering: Simon Bowland


Issue #4 of The Discipline deals with the physical and moral struggle of our main character, Melissa, in the hands of a Satyr/Stalker who is in possession of the (mutated) body of Melissa’s best and probably only friend Bliss. Meanwhile, Melissa’s husband starts looking for her and her lover, Orlando (the one who initiated her into the Discipline) faces the judgement of his superiors – who ask him to kill Melissa as they think she is a liability.

At the end of the issue, Melissa is back with her husband – who is very rich, and the Discipline can use the money. She also has an interesting confrontation with Orlando, who later the repulsive Swinburne attacks: the Discipline have tasked him to punish Orlando. Suddenly, the members of the Discipline let us know that Melissa is not Orlando’s “trainee” any longer: she is Swinburne’s now, and Orlando is dead.


Issue #5 shows us Swinburne training Melissa. He is indeed an unbearable creature, even though he looks like a taller, older version of the Penguin in the 1960s Batman TV series. Suddenly, they both disappear only to reappear in the gardens of an English-style mansion. The Discipline called them there: they want Melissa to travel to Rome in order to face a very powerful Satyr, convinced that it will not be able to detect her presence because she is “new”. They blackmail her into accepting: if she doesn’t, Swinburne will kill her and start working on her beloved sister Krystal.


The Discipline moves at a pace that sometimes might seem a little too fast: events follow each other, page after page, in a way that is sometimes quite puzzling. It needs a second read. It is then that the story unfolds, not exactly clear but quite understandable.

So, this series is a complex puzzle (with a certain number of sex scenes thrown in), and the satisfaction in solving is great. An interesting series, but not one made for people who like to read their comics in ten minutes then put them aside.

The Discipline #5

The Discipline #5








        • Interesting
        • Challenging but satisfactory
        • Very original


        • Convoluted story
        • Gratuitous sex scenes