Review: Drifter #14

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Drifter #14

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Ivan Brandon
All Art: Nic Klein
Lettering: Aditya Bidikar
Alternative Cover: Tony Sandoval

Issue #13 of Drifter showed us the people of the small village rebelling against the Wheelers, who answer with a massacre.

This fourteenth issue, that concludes the story arc Lit by Fire, opens with the new vice-sheriff in the cave he had entered in the previous book. While walking in water up to his hips, he sees several creatures, “the blues”, probably amphibious, that seem to completely ignore him. In the village, meanwhile, Neng finally lets himself be persuaded to help and lead a few people in the mines – where he starts working on… something big.


In this issue we see very little of Captain Pollux, our titular drifter, whose crash-landing (well… whose crash, anyway) on the planet kickstarted the whole story. By now, this series has become more of a choral thing, with the protagonist being… the whole planet, I’d say, and all the people and creatures on it. And, probably, at least one who is not on the planet and has never been seen in the whole series. You will understand who I am talking about if you have been reading (and especially if you read this issue).


Drifter will be soon coming to an end: the next story arc, that will start in December, will be the last in the series. And everything will become clear. Or at least, so writer Ivan Brandon says. Complexity and lack of clarity has been a defining character of this series since its first… well, its second issue, and of course we have never avoided to highlight this aspect – that made (and still makes) Drifter so interesting but at the same time so difficult to follow.

Nic Klein’s art is – as always – a joy to behold. His precision and cure for detail is astonishing, and the colours (also by Klein) add an extra layer of class to every panel.

One more piece of the puzzle that is Drifter falls into place. Read this issue, you will… see something happen. Something you will not forget.

Drifter #14

Drifter #14








        • Fantastic art and colours
        • Clever and articulate


        • Extremely complex
        • Sometimes unclear