Review: Drifter #8

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer:  Ivan Brandon
Art, Colours, Cover: Nic Klein
Lettering:  Clem Robins
Alternate Cover: Daniel Krall


Issue #7 showed us an expedition, in which Captain Pollux participates, reach some mysterious area in which beautiful creatures vaguely looking like pterodactyls hover free in the air. But suddenly a beast like them – only darker in colour – attacks the flying animals with a terrible sound. The people in the expedition realise that the new beast is something similar to the wheelers, human-looking creatures who can work harder than any regular person but who are fierce and unforgiving. The animals escaping their aggressor damage the expedition’s ship; after they crash-land it, they end up held at gunpoint by some… beings.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Carter is cleaning the floor of the holy house where he killed the murdering priest Arkady.


Issue #8 opens with the expedition running from the individuals who just pointed their guns at them; they think they may be wheelers. Meanwhile, Pollux and the new Deputy Sheriff (who was appointed by the so-called “man in the dark”) seem to be clashing. Pollux then talks to the peaceful wheeler who accompanies them, and through him… the man in the dark hears, and pushes the wheeler to defend his fellows.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff is drinking and talking to the barman, who appears to have some secrets too.

The next issue of Drifter will conclude this peculiar story-arc; it will be interesting to find out where it brings us.


 The focus of this series seems to have somehow left Abram Pollux, despite the fact that he is at the centre of this issue – but very few things are straightforward in Drifter. What I mean is that this series is centred more on the world, on the people in general, rather than on a single character (or a specific cast).

As I am sure I already mentioned in a past review, Drifter is not a series for everyone: it is complex, confusing, difficult to follow. But it is so satisfactory…