Review: Eden’s Fall #3

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writers: Brian Hill, Matt Hawkins
Artist: Atilio Rojo
Colorist; K. Michael Russell
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Editor: Ryan Cady & Ashley V. Robinson

Each issue of Eden’s Fall has begun with a “what you need to know” segment basically explaining the plotline’s setup. Dwayne Campbell, James Miller, and Samantha Copeland are all working together to take down an extremist known as Thornton who is now hiding out in the town of Eden — a haven for criminals to hide from the law and live a full life. I emphasize this because of the shocking nature of issue #2’s ending, showing that Eden’s Fall is willing to bend expectatons. Issue #3 continues this trend. There is no reveal that issue #2’s grisly ending was a ruse and all our heroes are safe. The reality is played out straight.

In the wake of James Miller’s final confrontation with Thornton, Campbell and Samantha are both left uniquely broken by the end result. The unofficial operation taken on by our three heroes is covered up. Samantha is locked up in a ward and being charged with separate crimes. Campbell is being allowed to walk but only if he keeps his mouth shut. Campbell is looking to avenge his friend James “Jimmy” Miller, though. Meanwhile, Thornton walks the streets of Eden entirely free but the town’s mayor, Laura Shiffron, still wants him gone.

Issue #3 reveals Campbell has connections from his long career so revenge for Jimmy isn’t just a pipe dream. A new face finds itself in Eden soon afterwards. Laura Shiffron may not be the friendliest, but this new person is willing to take care of Thornton. Laura is more than happy to oblige their request.

Issue #3 is the last of Eden’s Fall but a trade paperback will be coming in January 2017, which also contains the first issues of Tithe, Think-Tank, and Postal. These three separate comic series are all intricately tied into one another in Eden’s Fall and the inclusion of the first issue of each series leads me to believe the story set up in Eden’s Fall will continue in these separate stories.

I’m not so sure I would say Eden’s Fall has sold me on absolutely needing to read Tithe, Think-Tank, or Postal, but it has made me legitimately curious about these titles. This means that while I’m not burning with a need to see what happens next, I’m at least curious and will probably check those titles out eventually. Basically, Eden’s Fall may not have planted fruit in me it did leave a seed and sometimes that’s enough.

Eden’s Fall might intimidate some readers considering it’s a crossover run of three titles and only has three issues of its own. However, I assure you it works as its own brief and shocking story. I would recommend it if you’re looking for something short and powerful to read.

Eden's Fall #3

Eden's Fall #3








        • Willing to shock readers by breaking expectations
        • No one really gets away
        • Despite being a crossover title, it works well enough on its own


        • Doesn't create much further interest in the series that crossover