Review: Empress #4

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Empress #4

Publisher: Marvel/Icon

Writer: Mark Millar

Artist: Stuart Immonen

Inker: Wade von Grawbadger

Colours: Ive Svorcina

Letters: Peter Doherty

From the very first page of Empress, Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen hit the ground running at a ferocious pace, cramming these comics with so much action whilst at the same time skilfully weaving an interesting story that still after four issues  never lets up and most importantly (cheeky misleading cover page aside) has never disappointed.

Set long ago in a galaxy not very far away (ours), Empress is a tale of a family on the run as Emporia, her children, her trusted body guard and Tor (think a diminutive Lando Calrission) are desperately trying to free themselves from her violent husband, King Morax; their only real hope of doing so is by using Ship, a point to point to transporter that hurls the group from one adventure to the next and as of last issue, the space skipping group find themselves stranded on a desolate planet only to be captured by scavengers looking to sell them on the slave market. Once again the story in Empress proceeds at a cracking pace with the artwork beautifully capturing the kinetic insanity that Millar has requested from the team, managing to blend a million year old civilisation and futuristic, other worldly yet familiar ideals onto the page.

I will say there are similarities to Images Black Science comic, what with its family stuck hopping to different dimensions but when stories are of this quality I am more than happy, especially since I do like these type of tales.

In keeping with what came before, this space opera manages to up the scale and peril with yet another cliff-hanger; with Empress #4 leaving you breathless, you are guaranteed to want to grab the next issue when it drops just to see how they all get out of this mess.

Empress #4

Empress #4








        • Fantastical space action
        • Exciting story
        • Plenty of cliff hangers